Author: Posterilla, 11-11-2011, 07:46  
XBootFlashDrive Final 2011

XBootFlashDrive Final 2011 | 3.89 GB
XBootFlashDrive - set for a reanimation installation multiboot stick containing CD-ROM partition (which will be perceived by the motherboard BIOS and operating system as a conventional CD-ROM) as a boot, which gives the gain in speed relative to CD / DVD discs, a high probability of successful downloads than using a USB-HDD bootable USB drive (and do not exclude the possibility of applying this type of loading on the second partition), and also allows you to load from the CD Live section of the system, which can not be used for USB-HDD boot media (eg, Alkid) and install any distribution WinXP without first preparing it. In addition, CD partition on the flash drive is not pogryzut viruses.

Author: Posterilla, 11-11-2011, 06:21  
Gug Soft 3D Gugle 6.9.4

Gug Soft 3D Gugle 6.9.4 | 123.5 MB

Author: Posterilla, 10-11-2011, 04:23  
Roxio Creator Suite v 9.0.603

Roxio Creator Suite v 9.0.603 | 460 MB
Roxio Easy Media Creator - this is not just a program for recording CD or DVD-ROM drive, this is a mediakombayn, allowing to work with multimedia content of any type. As part of Roxio Easy Media Creator includes the following modules: Easy CD & DVD Creator, PhotoSuite Platinum, VideoWave Pro and other utilities.

Author: Posterilla, 10-11-2011, 03:02  
Anti-Trojan Elite v5.5.2

Anti-Trojan Elite v5.5.2 | 7 MB
Anti-Trojan Elite is a program to clean your computer from malicious files such as Trojans, keylogery and others. Anti-Trojan scans not only the hard drive (including the archives ZIP CAB), but also looks at what processes are running. Also has a network manager processes by which we can determine which is running an undesirable process. In addition, you can view the keys and registry values and delete any suspicious or repair Internet Explorer, to optimize Windows and much more. In addition, part of the program includes tools for blocking suspicious TCP-connections and processes, as well as for corrections of errors caused by the activities of malicious programs.

Author: Posterilla, 10-11-2011, 02:40  
Mastercam X5 (2011)

Mastercam X5 (2011) | 915 MB
A professional level, with extensive capabilities in modeling and a solid set of strategies for treatment, with an accessible and user friendly interface.

Author: Posterilla, 10-11-2011, 00:56  
WinTuning v7 2.02

WinTuning v7 2.02 | 35.43 MB

Author: Posterilla, 6-11-2011, 09:52  
ETKA 7.0 Last Updates 2011

ETKA 7.0 Last Updates 2011 | 2.98 GB
Working with brands SEAT and SKODA
Updates for E-Catalog ETKA 7.0 from c: AU598 -, SE127 -, SK133 -, VW598 -.

Author: Posterilla, 6-11-2011, 07:28  
Print Shop Deluxe 23. 1

Print Shop Deluxe 23. 1 | 7.73 GB
Desktop Publishing Software Designed to Access your Print Shop 23 Deluxe and Earlier Files on Windows 7
Customer favorite and best seller within the Print Shop line of products, The Print Shop 23.1 Deluxe has been updated to work with Windows 7 and Vista. Now you can access your Print Shop 23 & 22 files on a Windows 7 operating system.

Author: Posterilla, 6-11-2011, 06:12  
The Best Software Of (2011.11)

The Best Software Of (2011.11) | 2.27 GB

Author: Posterilla, 3-11-2011, 03:00  
Jeppesen Data Cycle 1122

Jeppesen Data Cycle 1122 | 1.25 GB

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