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Genealogy Online for Dummies

Genealogy Online for Dummies | ENG | PDF | 7 Mb
Researching your genealogy online can be a daunting undertaking--but it doesn't have to be. Genealogy Online For Dummies, 6th Edition takes you through the basic steps for researching and tracing your family's lineage in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. Plus, this newest edition offers the latest information on leveraging the potential of social networking sites in order to locate extended family members and uncover additional family history. You'll discover how to start your investigation, build a Web site for sharing your finds, identify sites that will be of the most use to you, get information from government records, preserve electronic materials, and more.

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Online Radio Tuner 2.2.2
Online Radio Tuner 2.2.2 | 11.4 MB

If you like to listen to free Internet Radio, Online Radio or Web Radio, then Online Radio Tuner is the perfect tool for you It will play and record your favorite radio stations and display the album art of the artist (if available). It's the ultimate tool to record radio.

Author: 2kkl, 7-10-2010, 22:48  

ChrisTV Online Premium Edition v5.00 Portable

ChrisTV Online Premium Edition v5.00 Portable | 7MB
Special program for converting of your computer into a television set and radio receiver. CHRISTV Online! allows to look over the enormous amount of TV-channels, wireless stations and other audio-video material, translated through a network the Internet.

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Final Fantasy XIV (2010/ENG/MULTI4)

Final Fantasy XIV (2010/ENG/MULTI4)

Final Fantasy XIV - an online game in the universe of Final Fantasy. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages, originating in 11 of the series, replaced by "high fantasy". In the world of the fourteenth "Final Fantasy" would be much more technology around the world will become more modern, and race, although it will remain similar to their predecessors, are also evolving. Developers Final Fantasy XIV going to completely abandon leveling in the conventional sense.
In the game there will be no levels or experience points! Developers are motivated by the fact that in their design than ever before will be important component of the story, and therefore it is necessary that a beginner could, at least theoretically, go directly to any quest. However, just abandon the principles of growth and character development, developers Final Fantasy XIV is also not collected. According to them, players will gain experience in "invisible", which will contribute to a unique new

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Publisher:    THQ
Developer:    Yuke's
Genre:    Wrestling
Release Date:    Nov 14, 2005 (greater degree of)
ESRB Descriptors:    Blood, Violence, Sexual Themes, Language
Special Controllers:    Multi-Tap, Keyboard
Offline Modes:  &n

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Norton Internet Security 2010 v17.5.4.276 | 82 MB

Norton Internet Security 2010 v17.5.4.276 | 82 MB

Norton Internet Security was designed to exist the fastest virus, spyware and internet protection you can buy. The Norton Internet Security high sea window acts as a security management interface.
Norton Internet Security 2010 direct be the fastest and lightest security su

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Transaction 1.6.5 - Mac Os X | 26.3MB

Transaction is a multi-purpose interactive premises analysis and reporting tool intended to help you control your online sales.

It be able to serve several small to medium management needs for either private users, software developers or shallow businesses making keeping track of online sales a snap.

With a hardly any clicks yo

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Super Hide IP v2.1.0.8 | 1.9MB

Surf anonymously, make different your IP address, protect your personal information against hackers and contract full encryption of your online activity, all with the click of a button.

Anonymous Surfing with Super Hide IP

Protect your privacy on the Internet. Use Super Hide IP to surf anonymously, prevent hackers from monitoring your online

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Crimeware and other threats have power to take all of the fun out of the Internet. Take it back by Norton Internet Security. It stops viruses, crimeware and protects your identity online to such a degree you can work and play safely.

[left]* Provides fast and diffusion of luminous rays protection that won?t slow you down or get in your march.
* Proactively

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Need For Speed World 2010 OPEN BETA-ELiTE | 1.77 GB

Co-developed through Black Box and EA Singapore, Need for Speed World Online takes the root into the largest open world in the history of Need with regard to Speed designed exclusively for the PC. This Play 4 Free playing racing game will give Need for Speed fans acces

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