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Garters and Ghouls (PC)

Garters and Ghouls
Language: English
Year: 2009 | Platform: PC | Developer: Namco | Publisher: Namco | Size: 123 Mb
Genre: Arcade

Garters and Ghouls-arcade shooter with great locations, which are generated randomly. Help the main heroin getting all scum back to hell. About Halloween. The main character Marie Dupuis battling the forces of darkness in a mysterious world with a variety of locations. The goal of each level-close all hell portals from which pop enemies and find a way out. Portals are indicated on radar, and getting around the high card is the impressive amount of time.

Author: tanya-j, 15-12-2010, 22:09  
Supermarket Mania II (2010/ENG)

Supermarket Mania II
Language: English
Year: December 3, 2010 | PC | Developer/Publisher: G5 Entertainment
Genre: Arcade/Isometric

Work in a supermarket are incredibly demanding. As every customer, she demands incredible attention to buyer, quick response and the lovely smiles on their faces. Attendants-person shops. Your fragile shoulders complex mission is to serve all clients who came to your shop. The game "Supermarket Mania 2" is a high-quality continuing the game, which has gained the attention of players around the world.

Author: Posterilla, 15-12-2010, 01:41  
Soldier Elite (PC/ENG)

Soldier Elite (PC/ENG) | 438 MB

Author: amigo, 14-12-2010, 08:41  

Game Collector Pro 4.0.1
Game Collector Pro 4.0.1 | 10.2 MB

Catalog your video games automatically Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, DS and older platforms Download data & images from our online database.

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Harms Way (2010/ENG/XBOX360)

Harms Way (2010/ENG/XBOX360/RF)
Language: ENG | Region: region free
Release year: 2010 | Platform: XBOX360 | Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios | Developer: Bongfish GmbH | File size: 312.95 MB
Category: Arcade

Harms Way-race on machines with ellementy shooter. Co-op or single (single rides) with bots in command game 4 x 4. 3 track. 4 cars to choose from. Opportunity to participate in races and play for a sniper.

Author: tanya-j, 13-12-2010, 17:45  
Ilomilo (ENG/XBOX360)

Ilomilo (2010/ENG/XBOX360/RF)
Language: English | Region: Region Free
Release year: 2010 | Platform: Xbox 360 | Publishing House: Southend Interactive | File size: 257.42 Mb
Category: Arcade/Logic/3D

Ilomilo is a new 3D puzzle game for Xbox Live. In this beautiful and very cute game gamers need to tackle multiple tasks, developing spatial thinking. We Also provide cooperative game mode where two friends can work together to overcome various obstacles amazing world. By the way, running there will be two main character named Ilo and Milo, forming a project name.

Author: tanya-j, 13-12-2010, 07:18  
House Of The Dead 3 (PC)

House Of The Dead 3 (PC/ENG)

The story behind The House of the Dead III is the story of Lisa, the daughter of one of the heroes of the previous games. However, it goes in search of his father in a sinister sginuvsego Moratoria on the production of zombies. The third part you will find even more excitement and action.

Author: tanya-j, 13-12-2010, 06:06  
Alien Hallway (PC)

Alien Hallway (2010ENG)
Language: English
Year: 2010 | Platform: PC | Developer: Sigma Team | Publisher: Sigma Team
Genre: Strategy (real time)

Addictive arcade strategy game from the creators of grey Alien Shooter and Zombie Shooter. For playability, recalls Swords.TBM & Soldiers HD-player against alien invaders and must find his way into their database, and then destroy it. In the game many unique units and an opportunity to improve their skills.

Author: tanya-j, 12-12-2010, 16:58  
Merchants Of Brooklyn (2009)

Merchants Of Brooklyn
Language: English
Year: 2009 | PC | Publisher: Paleo Entertainment | Developer: Paleo Entertainment | Size: 839Mb
Genre: shooter

The game unfolds in the distant future. The 3100, as a result of global warming was flooding. Street washed away, but people found out amp 8211 they built new homes in the drowning of buildings. As the name implies, the events are taking place in Brooklyn. On the upper tiers of oligarchs, and settled at the bottom, as usual, the dregs of society. For further development, oligarchy actively begun genetic experiments, which have been withdrawn and cloned Neanderthals, because they are very adaptable creatures to live in such conditions. Extra Neanderthal launched the bottom longlines, where the local Mafia began to use them to fight against competitors and to participate in the fighting.

Author: tanya-j, 12-12-2010, 16:57  

Language: English
Platform: PC | Genre: Racing | Size: 6.43 Gb

Get ready for a revolution in racing games! Here is a new game Race Driver: GRID, created in the best tradition of the famous hits from Codemasters, author of such hits as TOCA Race Driver and Colin McRae DiRT. At your choice represented 27 best racing and sports car world and they all belong to the TOPclass.

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