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Wings Of War [PC Games/2004]

Wings Of War [PC Games/2004]
PC game | Language: English | Genre: WWI Flight Sim | 480 MB

Wings of War puts gamers in the cockpit of over 25 Allied and German aircraft in massive air battles and bombing runs across the vast landscape of war torn Europe. Players will take on hordes of enemy aircraft in detailed planes or take control of anti aircraft guns mounted on trains, zeppelins, boats and more. Wings of War features more than 70 stages of gameplay across 13 unique levels featuring a vast array of missions, including action packed military assignments as well as additional, non regulation quests.

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Scrap - On wings in clouds

Scrap - On wings in clouds
JPG, PNG | rar 226 Mb
Author : Karamelka

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Angelo 1.0 Portable
Angelo 1.0 Portable | Game for PC | 27.9 MB

Help Angelo taxi the new angels, who haven t received their wings yet, from cloud to cloud in heaven! Dive into this fun Time Management game and complete celestial chores! Angelo is a student angel, who must protect the new angels from the wily devil, and complete different tasks sent down from his boss. Move quickly and keep all the angels happy while taking on different tasks!

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51 Colorful Feathers and Wings

51 Colorful Feathers and Wings
51 JPG | 1900x1200 | rar 42.68 Mb

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Wings and Things 1
587JPG | 1119x1253 | 319MB

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