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BigFish Games Collection 2011

BigFish Games Collection 2011
English | Pc Game | 2011 | Publisher: BigFish Games | Size: 12.4 Gb
Genre: Collection - BigFish Games
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Contains ''BEST OF'' Big Fish Games until 2011 in :

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Project Aftermath  (2010/DE)

Project Aftermath | 2010 | DE | 589 Mb
Real-time strategy, which takes place in the universe. You are given the opportunity to command the four divisions of soldiers, each of which you can equip at their discretion.

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Power of Defense 1.1
Power of Defense 1.1 | Game for PC | 22.7 MB

Power Of Defense provides a new strategy and defense mix game experience. Defend your world from upoming evil and oil-smelling robots. They come from the platform between both parallel universes you have to fight on by producing own robots to send them back to their native world. You as the last hero on earth and the only one your government could find (and pay), only you can save the world.

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Reckless Squad 1.0
Reckless Squad 1.0 | Game for PC | 37.2 MB

Reckless Squad is a real-time strategy game where your only goal is to protect a convoy during its dangerous journey. You have at your disposal many units with unique abilities and you must figure out how to use them best to face hordes of enemies in various situations across the world. Sometimes you will find places to rest, recruit new units and buy better equipment. And sometimes you will have to defeat or escape from terrible creatures. Every journey is unique, the game will adapt itself to your way of playing by helping you or by pushing you to your last boundaries. However, it will always ensure that you get the most enjoyable experience.

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Medieval Battlefields 1.3.0
Medieval Battlefields 1.3.0 | Game for PC | 21.4 MB

Medieval Battlefields is a turn-based strategy / tactical game that takes you back to medieval Europe. Train armies to defeat your enemies! But, one wrong step or one wrong decision and your campaign of victory and glory will turn into a swift annihilating defeat.
? fight as English Court, French Court or Vikings
? up to 8 players online
? 40 single player and multi-player maps
? train units for close and long range combat
? build up your castle and improve your war equipment
? capture towns and land to finance your war efforts

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Rig'n'Roll (2010/ENG) | PC | 3.55 GB

Genre: Arcade / Racing / Simulator / 3D / Privateer / Trader

Continuation of the eminent game series. But this time the gaming world is not invented ~ the agency of the developers, and drawn from a real world. The player choose leave under the wheels of his powerful machine hundreds of miles of roads in Califo

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Size: 180 MB


Here is refined strategy game released by TE group.

 Description: Conquer the old Greek world in this real-time strategy wargame following the ascend of Philip of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great. Campaign thwart a continuous satel

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People's General
PC enterprise | Publisher: SSI | 62 Mb
Genre: Strategy

People's General begins in the year 2005, in the manner that communist China begins an aggressive expansion into South East Asia. Here, you be in possession of to be a general in either the Red Army or NATO; you be able to choose to either continue the expansion into capitalist countries or try t

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Disciples 3 Renaissance - ViTALiTY
Size: 4.74GB
Genre: Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy

Disciples III: Renaissance is a turn-based strategy game. The publisher Strategy First changed the developer from Game Factory Interactive to Akella?s studio .dat. It has been working on this project since the summer of 2005. The operator assumes

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