Author: Candymypost, 18-07-2011, 03:23  
Quidam 3.1.5 with Models packs

Quidam 3.1.5 with Models packs | 1.8 Gb

QUIDAM is a powerful and innovative tool that integrates perfectly a production workflow and opens character creation to everyone, in a professional and pleasant way.

Author: Candymypost, 18-07-2011, 02:36  
Rosetta Stone v3

Rosetta Stone v3 | 3.73 GB

Rosetta Stone - the best program of its kind to study foreign languages at home

Author: Candymypost, 18-07-2011, 01:04  
Studio WebDesign 4.0 Pro

Studio WebDesign 4.0 Pro | 922 Mb

Studio WebDesign 4.0 Pro Web Studio is designed for users who want to develop an attractive website all the trimmings. The excellent value for money, the powerful e-commerce features and design a simple process that requires no knowledge of HTML, Web Studio 4 of the ideal program for companies, schools, organizations, organizations and home users.

Author: Candymypost, 17-07-2011, 22:47  
Windows 7 Themes Monster Pack

Windows 7 Themes Monster Pack
2011 | Windows 7 | 5.82 GB

A collection of 2430 themes for Windows 7. The largest collection on the Internet. The installation process is automated.

Author: Candymypost, 17-07-2011, 17:14  
Miral 2011 DVDRip XviD-ETRG

Miral 2011 DVDRip XviD-ETRG

A drama centered on an orphaned Palestinian girl growing up in the wake of Arab-Israeli war who finds herself drawn into the conflict.

Author: Candymypost, 17-07-2011, 01:16  
DJ Tools Electro House WAV

DJ Tools Electro House WAV | 257 MB

'Electro House' is an all new awesome Electro House sample pack brought to you by the incredible fresh new label DJ Tools. Are you ready for the incredible power of the Electro House genre?

Author: Candymypost, 16-07-2011, 20:52  
PHOCUS 2026.2 Hasselblad

PHOCUS 2026.2 Hasselblad | 117 Mb

Hasselblad is a new update to its powerful and easy-to-use converter - Phocus. As with previous versions, Phocus-last step in achieving uncompromising image quality, you can work quickly and efficiently with the most advanced images. Phocus has new tools and upgrade of existing functions that improve speed and quality image processing.

Author: Candymypost, 16-07-2011, 19:36  
TrustPort LiveCD 2012

TrustPort LiveCD 2012 | 366 MB

TrustPort LiveCd - disk antivirus emergency assistance, which allows you to recover your system, affected by the actions of malicious programs on computers and servers running Windows \ Unix. In the case where it is impossible to boot the computer from the hard disk, LiveCD will not only clean your computer from viruses, infected and suspicious files, but also to cure infected objects.

Author: Candymypost, 16-07-2011, 14:06  
Shaitan 2011 DVDRiP XviD-D3Si

Shaitan 2011 DVDRiP XviD-D3Si
Subtitles: English | 1.4 GB

After the passing of her mother, and the entry of a step-mother, Amrita Jayshankar retreats into herself. Her father is summoned to her school and is told that his daughter may require counseling, but he refuses to believe and instead makes a donation to the school.

Author: Candymypost, 16-07-2011, 06:56  
Avid Velvet 1.3 RTAS Mac OSX

Avid Velvet 1.3 RTAS Mac OSX Mac OSX | 437 MB

Whether you-re inspired by -60s soul, -70s classic rock, or that -80s -glassy- synth sound, Velvet delivers stunningly realistic emulations of your favorite electric pianos.

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