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Amazon Chess II  (2010/ENG/RUS)

Amazon Chess II | 2010 | ENG/RUS | 18 Mb
Genre: Puzzle, Board, Chess
Developer: StarFort Software
Publication Type: pirates
Language: English, Russian
Platform: PC

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Amazon Chess II 2.0.2
Amazon Chess II 2.0.2 | Game for PC | 15.9 MB

The unique Deluxe Version includes all previously released versions of the game starring the lovable Yeti and his penguins, as well as the exclusive special versions, Super Penguin Throw and Super Orca Slap (Super Penguin Target Shooting). The brand new ice bears also add their share to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience. Compete with player?s worldwide, compare your skills in the online high score lists, break the limits and touch the sky with the penguins. Grab your friends and experience the hype together in the demanding multiplayer challenges.

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