Author: Eyo, 16-08-2014, 23:02  
VRay Studio Tools 1.3.8 Pro

VRay Studio Tools 1.3.8 Pro | 2GB

The VRay studio tools is a set of HDR lights , tools , studio presets and rigs for vray and cinema 4d , with the VRay studio tools you are able to create photo-real studio situations for product renderings and animations .

Author: Eyo, 15-08-2014, 23:05  
Mitchell Ultramate v7.1

Mitchell Ultramate v7.1 | 3.379 GB

UlraMate is Mitchell's advanced estimating system that comes equipped with proven technology to help you automatically create estimates that are accurate, verifiable, and readily accepted throughout the industry.

Author: Eyo, 11-08-2014, 21:58  


VERICUT 7.3 significantly improves performance and further simplifies the process of simulating CNC machines. Improvements to VERICUT s workflow are a direct result of CGTech s philosophy of continuous product improvement.

Author: Eyo, 11-08-2014, 21:21  
AVL Suite 2014.0 (Win/Linux64)

AVL Suite 2014.0 (Win/Linux64) | 7.47 GB
(Workspace Suite 2014.0)

The world-renowned facility for calculating workflow automobile engines and hybrid systems.
AVL Powertrain Engineering is your competent partner for development of innovative powertrain systems.

Author: Eyo, 11-08-2014, 21:06  
CSI SAP2000 v17.0.0.1083

CSI SAP2000 v17.0.0.1083 | 508.6 MB

Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI) is a structural and earthquake engineering software company, announce the release of SAP2000 version 17.0, is general-purpose civil-engineering software ideal for the analysis and design of any type of structural system.

Author: Eyo, 11-08-2014, 20:50  
CSI Bridge 2015 v17.0.0.1083

CSI Bridge 2015 v17.0.0.1083 | 422.4 MB

Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI) is a structural and earthquake engineering software company, announce the release of CSI Bridge 2015 version 17.0, is specialized analysis and design software tailored for the engineering of bridge systems.

Author: Eyo, 9-08-2014, 19:31  
NI LabView 2014 v14.0 (x64)

NI LabView 2014 v14.0 (x64) | 1.58GB

LabVIEW 2014, the foundation of the NI platform, is the best solution for leveraging data to make informed decisions fast. Use LabVIEW 2014 to quickly acquire, analyze, and visualize any data set.

Author: Eyo, 9-08-2014, 19:21  
ARAS 360 HD v2.2.0.8

ARAS 360 HD v2.2.0.8 | 1.23GB

ARAS 360 Technologies is pleased to introduce the next generation of crash and crime reconstruction software.

Author: Eyo, 4-08-2014, 13:12  
SoMachine 4.1 (x86/x64) Final

SoMachine 4.1 (x86/x64) Final | 5.3 GB

SoMachine is a unique solution software for developing, configuring, and commissioning the entire machine in a single software environment, including logic, motion control, HMI, and related network automation functions.

Author: Eyo, 1-08-2014, 18:00  
Ford Microcat Europe (05.2014)

Ford Microcat Europe (05.2014) | 2.54 GB
Language: English,Russian

Description: Electronic parts catalog for Ford European assembly. Provides information on passenger and light commercial vehicles. With the full installation (program + data) takes about 8 GB. Files in the folder to replace Lekarstvo. Determined using the setup, copy files from a folder with the medicine in the program folder. Start using Microcat.bat (rolls back date).

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