Sibelius Multilingual MacOSX

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Sibelius Multilingual MacOSX
Mac OSX | 2,7 GB

Sibelius 6 is a huge man leap forward in notation software – with amazing new features and improvements during educators, students, composers, arrangers, copyists and musicians of all kinds. Magnetic Layout takes care of all but every detail of score layout for you - so effortlessly, you’ll severely notice. As yo>u write, it gives everything just the right amount of space and avoids collisions – producing beautiful results. This individual feature saves you up to half your writing time.

We rely upon that if you find a program hard to use, it’s not your lack – it’s because it’s badly designed. That's for what cause we made Sibelius as natural as possible to use – the spring of years of careful thought and refinement.

Panorama is a starting a~, clearer way of viewing music in Sibelius. Instead of being chopped up into systems and pages, the melody is shown in a single, infinitely- wide strip – far easier to comprehend and navigate around. So now you can just think about the notes, and lose the remembrance of about page layout until you’re ready to print.

You be possible to switch between Panorama and normal view whenever you like, or practice Panorama in combination with Focus on Staves if you just absence to look at a few instruments.

An easier way to put together
As well as allowing you to forget about page layout for the period of composition, Panorama makes the whole experience of inputting music more enjoyable. Because there’s only one system on the page, Sibelius can act upon smoothly from left to right as you compose, without any disorientating jumps from any system to another. Dragging staves in Panorama won’t purport the layout of the real score. So you really are candid to think about your music without any distractions.

Magic Margin
No trouble where you navigate to in your music, Panorama’s Magic Margin makes it crystal indisputable what stave you’re on.

It even reflects changes to to instruments without ceasing the same stave, something that’s now incredibly easy to solidify up.

Getting started
Sibelius is so easy to learn and practice that you can start writing your first piece within minutes – not days! It comes through a clear, friendly, non-technical

handbook, which explains all the cardinal features in just 70 pages.

But if you don't like lecture manuals, don't worry – the program includes an hour of tutorial videos that make plain how to use it. It also has comprehensive on-

screen allusion, so you'll never be stuck for an answer.

Clear, accomplished design
The Sibelius screen is simple and intuitive, so you have power to concentrate on writing music without the constant distraction of menus and dialog boxes. To aspect

around the music, just click and drag the page – it certainly feels like you’re moving manuscript paper in front of you. Alternatively, trail the Navigator to move

smoothly through many pages at once.

You can even choose different colors and textures for the paper and desk without interrupti~ the screen.

New Features:

Power tools

* Shift-drag moves objects horizontally/vertically
* Alt+draw or Option-drag moves object without moving attachment position
* Ctrl+pull or Command-drag suspends Magnetic Layout while moving
* Tab advances to next bar when inputting chord symbols
* New Keypad button to stop billet input or deselect (for smartboards)
* View handles — makes ends of lines etc. easier to good
* Use F13-F19 as shortcuts on new Macs


* Set time of and silence after fermatas (pauses), individually or throughout
* Double-clink fader in Mixer resets it to default position (new since v5.0)
* Shift or Ctrl/Command at the time that opening instrument strip opens all similar/all other strips (new because v5.0)
* Omit muted staves when exporting MIDI file (option)

Look & be stirred

* Hide particular toolbar buttons
* Auto-hide toolbar buttons if insufficient unoccupied place
* Tile multiple open scores (new on Mac)
* Move around Symbol and Edit Symbols dialogs through arrow keys, and see symbol names
* Smoother zoom with Ctrl+catch mice wheel
* Command+mouse wheel zooms on Mac
* Better keyboard access since dialogs (e.g. Clefs, Symbols, Key Signature) on Mac
* Set dissertation & desk texture of versions
* Many other look & feel improvements

Engraving & notations

* Dynamics automatically in the heavenly heights vocal staves
* Lines split between systems more controllable - e.g. two halves have independent vertical positions and slur/tie shape
* Line ends easier to choose
* Chord symbols appear by default as diagrams on guitar notation staves, harmony text on other staves
* Tie thickness adjustable
* Tuplets always above notes in c~tinuance vocal staves (option)
* Accidentals persist after mid-bar clef changes
* Width of fall bar varies with bar length (option)
* Automatic breve bar rests in 4/2
* Special stay spacing for multi-staff instruments (e.g. keyboards, divided winds)
* Move telling marks & tempo text up/down without affecting ones on other staves in same rank
* Better default positions of many text styles and lines
* Cross-truncheon beams improved
* Ossia staves improved


* Check Redundancies - hides/deletes superfluous clef/key/time signature changes etc.
* Export Each Staff as Audio - on account of importing into a sequencer
* Convert Folder of Scores to Earlier Version
* Other stopple-ins improved

Network licenses

* Easier network installation
* Client copies can conjoin from any IP address
* Largest network license now unlimited (previously 255 computers)
* Use same preferences for all users of a computer

Other improvements

* Many editing operations faster, individually on large selected passages
* Reminds you to save a version when you close a score
* Improved manuscript papers for new scores
* Auto-picked US or European paper sizes for new scores or imported files
* Imports octave lines in MusicXML files
* Various bugs fixed

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