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13-09-2010, 09:30, Section: Other    
Learn Total Web SEO from SEO Expert at your home - mp

Learn Total Web SEO from SEO Expert at your home - mp
Learn Total Web SEO from SEO Expert at your home | 1.52 GB
English | MPG | 640?480 | 29.97 fps | MPEG Video1 1701 kbps | MP2 224 kbps
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27-12-2011, 00:04, Section: Software    
Serif WebPlus X5 v13.0.3.029

Serif WebPlus X5 v13.0.3.029 | 437 MB

Serif WebPlus X5 Website Maker is the ultimate website design software for small businesses, organisations and home users. You dont need to know any HTML drag-and-drop simplicity, an intuitive interface, and powerful tools help you design sites easily, even if youve never done it before. You can design your website from scratch or, to get up and running really quickly, use one of the professionally-designed templates. There are templates to suit everyone and customising them is easy because you dont need to know HTML or any other complicated programming language. Simply drag and drop what you want, such as buttons, photos, text and more, onto your page. And its just as easy to add music, videos, Flash banners or anything else you might want on your website. You can even change the entire colour scheme in just a couple of clicks. When we say easy, we mean it!
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7-08-2010, 09:40, Section: Software    

Rank Tracker Professional

Here's an easy way to see where your site ranks in Google and Yahoo! — in for that which is less than 2 minutes!

Here's what Rank Tracker can do for you: 

Automatically checks your peer into engine rankings 

No more spending hours on end manually checking your place's positions in search engines. Just sit back and let Rank Tracker

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4-11-2010, 09:50, Section: Software    

ZMover 7.1.40603
ZMover 7.1.40603 | 1.8 MB

ZMover helps you manage your desktop layout by enabling you to set the size, position and layering of application windows. Instead of wasting time rearranging windows across your single or multiple monitor display, you can configure ZMover to do the job for you. Simply tell ZMover which windows you want to modify and how, then hide the program and let it work in the background. ZMover will monitor the desktop and automatically reposition, resize, or even keep selected windows below or above the others when they open.

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10-09-2010, 18:51, Section: Other    
Linux Collection - Pack 2 - KL

Linux Collection - Pack 2 - KL
Linux Books Collection - Pack 2
PDF CHM | English | 1.08 GB
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30-09-2010, 22:06, Section: Games    
Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood v1.0 i

Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood v1.0 i
Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood v1.0 | 73 MB
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28-07-2010, 17:09, Section: Software    
ALikeT Software Registry Winner v5.9.7.25 Multilingual WinAll

Description: Registry Winner is a top-ranking error-resolution registry cleaner which will fix the computer errors and optimize the system speed. In normal use, various annoying registry errors will gradually creep into your system, causing problems such as slow speed, crashing or freezing, blue screens, deadlock, error messages etc. Read more @ homepage.

Release Name: ALikeT.Software.Registry.Winner.v5.9.7.25.Multilingual.WinAll.Incl.Keygen.and.Patch-CRD
Size: 7MB
Author: strong29, read more

9-01-2011, 03:32, Section: Games    
Dragonester v1.1.-OUTLAWS

Release name: Dragonester.v1.1.-OUTLAWS
Size: 65MB in 14F
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23-09-2010, 06:53, Section: Games    
Sunshine Beach Volleyball (2009/PC/DE) - mp

Sunshine Beach Volleyball (2009/PC/DE) - mp

Sunshine Beach Volleyball (2009/PC/DE) | 780.37 Mb
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16-05-2011, 08:23, Section: Games    
Elements of War-TRiViUM

Release Name: Elements.of.War-TRiViUM
Size:4.19 GB
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14-07-2010, 09:25, Section: Movies    

Little Big Soldier is a 2010 Chinese/Hong Kong activity-adventure/comedy  film directed by Ding Sheng and produced and written ~ the agency of Jackie Chan, also starring Chan and Leehom Wang. The film was produced by a budget of US$25 million and filmed between January 2009 and April 2009 in filming spots of Yunnan, China. According to Chan, the thin

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11-10-2010, 03:05, Section: Software    
Custom Freeware Pack Revision 1

Custom Freeware Pack Revision 1
Custom Freeware Pack Revision 1 | 1.39 GB

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31-07-2010, 06:33, Section: Movies » TV Shows    

Secret Space 1
English | avi | 432 x 320 | 29.97 fps | XVID 738 | MP3 128 Kbps | 700MB
Genre: Documentary

 Secret Space takes you rapt up inside the dark occult world of NAZI Germany, where Jews and ex-French Resistance fighters were used like slave labour to develop rocket-based weapons such as the V2 and the V1 ‘Doodlebug’ – the premon

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1-10-2010, 00:21, Section: Games    
Sunshine Beach Volleyball (2009/PC/DE) - NI

Sunshine Beach Volleyball (2009/PC/DE) - NI

Sunshine Beach Volleyball (2009/PC/DE) | 780.37 Mb
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4-07-2011, 12:23, Section: Software    

CA ARCserve BMR-LuLZiSO | 383 MB

Author: Posterilla, read more

15-08-2010, 16:47, Section: Software    
Ranking Toolbox 6.1.5 Multilingual Portable

Ranking Toolbox 6.1.5 Multilingual Portable | 9.8 MB
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11-03-2011, 12:28, Section: Games    
Crimes of War - RELOADED

Crimes of War - RELOADED
PC Game | 2.76 GB
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18-11-2010, 06:17, Section: Other    
Xbox 360 Hacking Guide -QN

Xbox 360 Hacking Guide -QN
Xbox 360 Hacking Guide
PDF & VIDEO | 360mods | 510 Mb
Author: quynhnhu139, read more

21-08-2010, 01:30, Section: Software    

Indigo Rose AutoPlay Media Studio | 79 MB

AutoPlay Media Studio elect help you create professional software, presentations, autorun CD/DVD ROMs and greater degree by simply dragging, dropping and integrating your favorite media files so as MP3s, video, photos, and flash movies.

It's just that unconstrained. Then create powerful interactions between your media files and ob

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14-08-2010, 22:24, Section: Software    

Portable Maplesoft Maple V14 (2010/x86) | 344MB

Maple 14 - Environment as far as concerns a wide range of mathematical transformations and the creation of technical documentation, not to be dispensed with for modern engineers, mathematicians and scientists. The program interface allows to unfold many problems - from basic design calculations and algorithms to develop web models, logi

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8-08-2014, 06:06, Section: Software    
GraphicConverter 9.3 (Mac OS X)

GraphicConverter 9.3 (Mac OS X) | 240 MB

GraphicConverter is an all-purpose image editing program that can import 200 different graphic-based formats, edit the image, and export it out of 80 file available file formats. The high-end editing tools are perfect for graphic manipulation as well as the ability to use Photoshop-compatible plug-ins. It offers batch-conversion capabilities, a slide show window, and so much more.

GraphicConverter 9.3 (Mac OS X)[/url]
System Requirements
10.7 or higher
What's New
Version 9.3:

New features
added option to record mouse clicks
added option to export keyword palette entries as textfile
added support for world map coordinate display
added option to apply browser extension filter to folders
added lossy png export
added tritan colorblindness simulation
added change color usage dynamically function
added concat function for all open images
added Lens Correction effect
added Browse Flat menu item
added effect "Gradient Intensity"
added effect "Edges"
added function to set the foreground color to the complementary color
Updates features
optimized speed of browser
added alpha channel support to multi-crop
added option to select pdf import library
improved case change options in rename dialog
added support for saving of grayscale images with alpha channel in PNG format
improved error handling in AppleScript "convert file" command
browser info pane will remember last selected tab
improved save for web dialog
improved apple icon set export
added replace with transparency to find and replace colors dialog
pressing option/alt key plus right arrow key during display of last slide in a slideshow will repeat the slideshow once
added checkbox to disable 1 bit BMP optimization upon save
updated IPTC info in browser
added automatic inversion of scanned color negatives in DNG format from Vuescan
added f-number change to add/edit exif dialog
click on rating/label in an open picture toolbar can now modify the file directly
Bug fixes
fixed possible bug in tooltip localizations of the toolbox
fixed page selection bug in djvu files
fixed possible crash in browser if folder contains php files
fixed possible crash upon opening some DNGs
fixed scale long edge badge

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Buy Premium Download Link Max Speed

Buy Premium Download Link Max Speed
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16-08-2010, 01:26, Section: Software    

CuteRank 2.8.0 | 6.2 MB
If you touch bothered checking website rankings on multiple search engines, if you are not satisfied by the existing website rank checking services provided on the internet being of the kind which I used to, here is the FREE solution.

CuteRank is a FREE & Smart tier checker tool for website owners/administrators, SEO professionals, or Blog

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26-01-2011, 21:37, Section: Software    
Maplesoft Maple V14 29.7.2010

Maplesoft Maple V14 (build 29.7.2010). Complete Portable version.
2011 | ENG | 344.01 Mb

Maple 14 - Environment for a wide range of mathematical transformations and the creation of technical documentation, indispensable for modern engineers, mathematicians and scientists. The program interface allows to solve many problems - from basic design calculations and algorithms to the development of complex models, logic simulation and mathematics education. Computer Algebra System Maple, has a convenient graphical interface, allows symbolic and numerical solution of differential equations and calculate integrals.
Author: tanya-j, read more

12-09-2010, 16:43, Section: Music    
VA - Pure 70s (2007)
VA - Pure 70s (2007)
Release: 28 September 2007 | Label: EMI | Quality: VBR kbit/s | Bitrate: avg. 190kbps | Size: 270 Mb
Genre: Pop, Oldies, Rock, Disco
Author: devilreload, read more

16-04-2014, 08:46, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Maplesoft MapleSim 6.4

Maplesoft MapleSim 6.4 | 240 Mb

Maplesoft has announced the release of a new version its flagship product, Maple, the technical computing software for engineers, mathematicians, and scientists.
Author: Eyo, read more

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