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29-07-2010, 09:33, Section: E-Books    

Silverlight 3 and its associated evolution tools, Expression Blend and Visual Studio, are used to reproduce the turn the thoughts and feel of a desktop application in a browser deployed, snappish-platform framework. Silverlight 3 Essential Training is designed to teach programmers for what reason to create dynamic, interactive, rich Internet applicatio

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6-10-2010, 00:17, Section: Games    
NRA High Power Competition

NRA High Power Competition
PC game | Genre: First-Person Shooter | 143 MB
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29-12-2010, 05:09, Section: Software    
Firewall Pro 7.0.5

Outpost Firewall Pro 7.0.5 (3392.517.1242) | 65.09 Mb
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21-08-2010, 19:30, Section: Other    

LANGMaster Education 19 CD English Course | 5.9GB

LANGMaster English Reading Courses + Dictionary (13 x CD-ROM) : English speech "cookbook" for beginners.
LANGMaster English in Action - Videocourses (4 x CD-ROM):English with WORLD famous personalities!
LANGMaster English TOEFL? (2 x CD-ROM) : The reply for success at the TOEFL? exam.

LANGMaster English

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29-11-2010, 07:46, Section: Software    

Home Data Keeper 9.2
Home Data Keeper 9.2 | 12.1 MB

Home Data Keeper has over 30 functions within this program to help you track information relating to your family, home, automobile, etc.

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14-09-2010, 05:45, Section: E-Books    
Lick Library - Yngwie Malmsteen Quick Licks 2

Lick Library - Yngwie Malmsteen Quick Licks 2
Lick Library - Yngwie Malmsteen Quick Licks
DVD Rip | Language: English | AVC 814 Kbps, 688x384, 25.000 fps | MP3 128 Kbps | 372 MB
Genre: Elearning
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3-04-2011, 23:41, Section: Music    
VA - 100 X Hardcore II (2011)

VA - 100 X Hardcore II (2011)
Released time : 02.04.2011 | 100 tracks | 154:03 min | VBR kbps 44,1kHz Stereo | 217 MB
Genre : Hardcore | Label : Cloud 9 Music
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8-04-2011, 06:37, Section: Software    
ArcGIS 10 + Extensions -QN

ArcGIS 10 + Extensions  -QN
ArcGIS 10 + Extensions | 7.17 GB
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25-04-2011, 12:07, Section: E-Books    
Pyrocluster Revealed 2011

CmiVFX - Pyrocluster Revealed 2011
English | Size: 550 MB | 37 Min | 960 x 544 | XviD - 261Kbps | 14.971fps | ACC - 164Kbps
Genre: E-Learning
FileServe FileSonic BitShare Uploading UploadStation links

PyroCluster is the volumetric shading module for Cinema 4d. Pyrocluster enables photorealistic volumetric effects such as fire and smoke, as well as Hollywood-style explosions (think gasoline bomb) and stylized science (and science fiction) 'energy' effects like force fields, beams of electricity, and wormholes.
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24-08-2010, 19:10, Section: Software    
Oxford Essential Dictionary New CD (Look-Listen-Watch) - KL

Oxford Essential Dictionary New CD (Look-Listen-Watch) - KL
Oxford Essential Dictionary New CD (Look-Listen-Watch) | 555.53 MB
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28-09-2011, 19:56, Section: Software    
AspenTech AspenONE 7.3 2011

AspenTech AspenONE 7.3 2011 | 3.39 GB

Software aspenONE for engineering calculations and simulations are the basis for designing new processes or upgrading existing processes to improve their performance. Software aspenONE in the aggregate used for constructing models and making business - making the results of the simulation.
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30-09-2010, 03:47, Section: Software    
Kaspersky CRYSTAL R2 RC
Kaspersky CRYSTAL R2 RC | 121 MB

The product consists of Kaspersky Internet Security, system backup and networking in the LAN.
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19-04-2011, 11:27, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
46 Drawing Tutorials [PDF]

DAA-image | English | PDF | collection of 46 books | 1.19 Gb
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22-10-2010, 17:50, Section: Software    
Instant Immersion Spanish - KL

Instant Immersion Spanish - KL
Instant Immersion Spanish | 7.61 GB
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30-08-2010, 14:57, Section: Software    
Network Automation AutoMate BPA Server Enterprise v7. -QN

Network Automation AutoMate BPA Server Enterprise v7. -QN

Network Automation AutoMate BPA Server Enterprise v7. | 149.6 Mb
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25-08-2010, 15:07, Section: Music    
Barry White ? The Best Collection (2002)
Barry White ? The Best Collection (2002)
Soul | 1CD | 2000 | MP3 | 320kbps | 297 MB
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24-08-2010, 01:30, Section: Software    


The Complete English Grammar Series (Worth $399.50)
Video Aided Instruction’s English Grammar Series makes the tricky rules of English laws easier to learn than ever before – whether you’re unused to English or you’ve been speaking it for years!

The 10 programs in this succession are each divided into 3 to 5 short lessons, making the

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11-11-2010, 09:55, Section: Software    

ChordPulse 1.5 Portable
ChordPulse 1.5 Portable | 4.8 MB

Just play!. ChordPulse is a handy virtual backing band for music practice, inspiration, improvisation, and pure fun with music. Play and sing along with ChordPulse. Use it as a full accompaniment, a drum machine with bass, a metronome with chords, and more.

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9-12-2010, 18:52, Section: Software » All In One (AIO)    
3DMark 11 Pro v1.0

3DMark 11 Pro v1.0 | 296.8 MB

3DMark 11 - a computer program, a benchmark that is being developed by Finnish company Futuremark. ?3DMark 11" is designed to test the performance components of the PC, and above all - for the graphics subsystem (one or more graphics cards (cards)) with support for DirectX 11. Benchmark uses all new technology DX11, including tessellation, volumetric lighting, computing shaders and multi-threaded computing.
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2-01-2011, 08:16, Section: Software    

MessengerLog Pro 360 7.55
MessengerLog Pro 360 7.55 | 2.4 MB

Automatically records everything from your messenger.Introducing MessengerLog 360 - the new generation of chat monitor, get ready to monitor and record chat from all popular instant messengers: MSN/ Windows Live messenger (including version 9.x), Yahoo Messenger (including version 9.x), AIM/AOL (including version 6.x, with encrypted protocol), ICQ (included version 6.x), Google GTalk, and Skype.Automatically log everything from Windows

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29-10-2010, 09:07, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Band-in-a-Box 2010.5 for Mac

Band-in-a-Box 2010.5 | Mac OS | 536MB

Band-in-a-Box is an intelligent automatic accompaniment program for your multimedia computer. You can hear and play along to many song ideas and go from \"nothing\" to \"something\" in a very short period of time with Band-in-a-Box as your \"on demand\" backup band.
Just type in the chords for any song using standard chord symbols (like C, Fm7, or C13b9), choose the style you?d like, and Band-in-a-Box does the rest, automatically generating a complete professional-quality arrangement of piano, bass, drums, guitar, and strings or horns in a wide variety of popular styles.
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12-08-2014, 12:20, Section: Software    

SolidWorks - Add-Ons Pack

SolidWorks - Add-Ons Pack | 6.75 GB

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29-07-2010, 00:33, Section: E-Books    

Geraldine Woods Grammar Essentials For Dummies (For Dummies (Language & Literature)
For Dummies | 2010 | ISBN: 047061837X | 192 pages | PDF | 7,5 MB

For students competing during the term of the decreasing pool of college scholarships, writing a stellar entrance article can make all the difference. With discrete explanations of vital laws rules, common usage errors, and the other k

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14-01-2011, 10:04, Section: Software    
Writers Tools AIO (11 in 1) -QN

Writers Tools AIO (11 in 1) -QN
Writers Tools AIO (11 in 1) | 102MB
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21-08-2010, 01:58, Section: E-Books    
Rodney Yee - Advanced Yoga (2006)

Rodney Yee - Advanced Yoga (2006)
English | 720x480 | H264 | 29.97fps 699kbps | Mp3 96kbps | 708MB
Genre: Video Training

Advanced Yoga DVD set Renowned yoga teacher Rodney Yee shares his own personal routines in his first exclusive program for experienced practitioners. These absolutely inspiring advanced full-length programs of arm balances, hip openers and pranayama will reveal new levels of power, technique, insight and ease. What?s included on this special 2 disc set: ? 45-minute total-body, arm-balance workout ? 20-minute essential hip opening routine ? 35-minute centering pranayama (breath absorption) session Why your customers want it: ? Rodney demystifies these intense techniques and their sequencing? typically taught only in advanced yoga workshops ? These plateau-preventing programs keep physical results and mental rewards coming ? Arm-balance session strengthens the whole body while cultivating a "steadiness of mind" in the midst of challenges on and off the mat ? Hip opening routine increases flexibility in the most neglected part of the body to help prevent knee and joint problems ? Centering pranayama session boosts lung capacity and circulation of rejuvenating oxygen-rich blood
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