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30-09-2010, 19:54, Section: Software    
Sony Sound Series Loop Noir Paranormal Sound Design WAV - AudioP2P

Sony Sound Series Loop Noir Paranormal Sound Design WAV-AudioP2P | 380 MB

England?s infamous Bodmin Jail was the locus of more than a century of grisly executions and political intrigue. Today, it?s a hotbed of documented paranormal activity, from drastic temperature fluctuations and light anomalies to unexplained voices and the foreboding presence of former inmates.
Author: nguyenhuubac, read more

6-08-2014, 11:14, Section: Software    
2014 SolidWorks - Add-Ons pack

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Original by D!akov 02.08.2014
Size: 6.751 GB Type: Add-Ons pack

Author: newpost88, read more

21-03-2014, 17:45, Section: Software » Programming    
Telerik Controls 2014 Q1

Telerik Controls 2014 Q1 | 994.3 MB

Telerik, an end-to-end provider of software application lifecycle and content management solutions, announced the Q1 2014 release of its developer tools, the only modular platform that combines a rich set of UI tools with powerful cloud services to develop web, hybrid and native apps.
Author: Eyo, read more

2-10-2011, 07:45, Section: Games    
Dark Void (PC/FullIso/Multi)
Dark Void (PC/FullIso/Multi)
Game Platforme(s) : PC | Language : Multi (5) | Release Date : Jan 19, 2010
Publisher : Capcom | Developer : Airtight Games | Genre : Action/Adventures | Size : 5.37 Gb

The idea of a personal, rocket-powered flight device has captured man's imagination for decades, yet the reality of such a device remains depressingly distant. This disparity between dream and reality mirrors the experience of playing Dark Void. There are moments when jetpack flight is joyous, freewheeling fun, such as when you're pulling off daring acrobatic maneuvers, dogfighting with UFOs, and boldly zooming around enclosed areas. It gives you a thrilling taste of the speedy promise of a jetpack-powered world, yet this fantasy is too often brought down to earth by the rest of Dark Void's gameplay. The third-person shooter sections are competent but mundane, and there are long sections when fully powered flight isn't possible. Furthermore, the campaign is only about eight hours long, and there are no multiplayer modes to bolster replayability. While there is certainly high-flying fun to be had, the lackluster action hinders Dark Void's lofty ambitions.
Author: phuonglam390, read more

30-04-2011, 14:12, Section: E-Books    
Site Navigation with CSS

Joseph Lowery - Site Navigation with CSS (in Dreamweaver)
Size: 389MB | English | 960x540 | H264 | 15fps 213kbps | AAC 96kbps | 03:24:00
Genre: E-Learning
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Join Joseph Lowery in Site Navigation with CSS in Dreamweaver as he explores current design trends in site navigation and shows designers and developers how to create robust CSS-based navigation. The course shows how to convert HTML lists to graphical controls that integrate seamlessly with an existing site design, and how to build menus with a wide range of navigation options, all in standards-compliant CSS. Exercise files accompany the course.
Author: le_taon, read more

23-01-2012, 11:04, Section: Software    
oneyGuru 2.4.3 Mac OSX

oneyGuru 2.4.3 Mac OSX
moneyGuru is a personal finance management application. With it, you can evaluate your financial situation so you can make informed (and thus better) decisions. Most finance applications have the same goal, but moneyGuru's difference is in the way it achieves it. Rather than having reports which you have to configure (or find out which pre-configured report is the right one), your important financial data (net worth, profit) is constantly up-to-date and "in your face". This allows you to constantly make informed decision rather than doing so periodically.

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16-09-2010, 17:18, Section: Software    

Extra DVD Copy 8.1
Extra DVD Copy 8.1 | 2.1 MB

Extra DVD Copy - Extra DVD Copy is a flexible and easy to use DVD movie copy software. Its intuitive design make it to be a one click DVD backup solution program. Extra DVD Copy support copy most DVD-5/DVD-9 type DVD movies to DVD-9(Dual Layer), DVD-5, hard disk with no qulaity loss, remains the original picture perfect, and keep video-audio synchronization. It's Worldwide most popular DVD movie copy software. Now support Windows Vista.

Author: amigo, read more

26-06-2011, 21:01, Section: Software    
[MULTI] Eurosoft STARK ES 2011
[MULTI] Eurosoft STARK ES 2011
Eurosoft STARK ES 2011 - software package for calculation of spatial structures on the strength, stability and fluctuations.
Calculations based on the finite element method
- Linear and nonlinear static analysis;
- Calculation of self-oscillations, including with respect to strain state taking into account the unilateral operation of elements, connections, joints;
- Reliance on forced vibrations of an arbitrary power of kinematic and dynamic loading;
- Calculation of the stability in the light of stretched elements, including under complex loading and taking into account the unilateral operation of elements, ties, joints;
- Spectral analysis of the stiffness matrix, including taking into account the unilateral operation of elements, ties, joints;
- The ultimate hard-plastic analysis;
- Fast algorithms for drawing and solving systems of equations;
- The application of the method of substructures for large systems;
- Assessment of the accuracy of calculation.
Author: myphuong, read more

22-09-2011, 00:27, Section: Software    
Carlson 2012 Build 110909

Carlson 2012 Build 110909 | 772 MB

Carlson Software 2012 include the CAD design software Carlson Mining, comprised of the Geology, Surface, Underground and Basic Mining modules, plus Carlson Natural Regrade, which can be used to reclaim disturbed land.
Author: Candymypost, read more

6-04-2011, 10:13, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
X2 Magazine Issue 06

X2 Magazine Issue 06
English | 92 Pages | 54MB | True PDF

Ranging from bar designs through to cityscape views, X2 aims to bring you the very latest in global hotel design whilst outlining the inspiration and motivation behind each project. To bring you the latest interviews and discussions with most influential designers in the industry, as well as the latest product designs to grace their walls, rooms and balconies.
Author: nguyenbacuongCk05, read more

28-08-2010, 07:41, Section: Other    
Real World modo: The Authorized Guide (Book + scene files and video tutorials) - KL

Real World modo: The Authorized Guide (Book + scene files and video tutorials) - KL
Real World modo: The Authorized Guide (Book + scene files and video tutorials) | 3.2 GB
Genre: Elearning
Author: kalong_12, read more

13-01-2014, 14:27, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Intergraph PV Elite 2014 v16.0

Intergraph PV Elite 2014 v16.0 | 447 Mb

Intergraph PV Elite is a complete solution for vessel and heat exchanger design, analysis and evaluation. Users of PV Elite have designed equipment for the most extreme uses and have done so quickly, accurately and profitably.
Author: Eyo, read more

29-09-2010, 03:10, Section: Software    
SynaptiCAD Product Suite 15.10c

SynaptiCAD Product Suite 15.10c | 125.55 MB
Author: strong29, read more

13-05-2014, 21:25, Section: Software » Internet Tools    
Serif WebPlus X7

Serif WebPlus X7 | 834 MB

Building the ideal website is easier than you think. Create an unlimited number of sites and pages, design bespoke web graphics and banners and add interactive gadgets, photos and videos ? all with simple drag and drop tools.
Author: Eyo, read more

7-10-2010, 03:55, Section: Software    
Corel Photo Album v7.0 Portable -[eu]

Corel Photo Album v7.0 Portable (eu)
Corel Photo Album v7.0 Portable | 180.2 Mb
Genre: Graphics & Design
Author: eubeun, read more

21-08-2010, 02:05, Section: E-Books    
The New Yankee Workshop - Taunton Chest

The New Yankee Workshop - Taunton Chest
English | DVDRip | avi | 720 x 480 | 29.97 fps | MPEG2 8500 kbps | MPEG 224 Kbps | 2007 | 700MB
Genre: Video Training

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is a treasure house of the first order that boasts remarkable collections of early American furniture, including some incomparable pieces by Goddard and Townsend, the famous Colonial-era Rhode Island furniture makers.
Author: izakisan, read more

12-09-2010, 18:02, Section: Software    
3D-Album Commercial Suite 3.29

3D-Album Commercial Suite 3.29
3D-Album Commercial Suite 3.29 | 650 MB
Genre: Graphics & Design

Author: devil1512, read more

3-06-2011, 00:01, Section: Software    
LogoMaker 3.0 Multi portable

LogoMaker 3.0 Multi portable | 189 MB

Studio V5 LogoMaker - the program is an innovative and convenient product that allows you to design professional business logos, create advertisements, design nice page headers for a web site and other identifying graphic symbols in minutes.
Author: Candymypost, read more

8-12-2010, 05:54, Section: Software    

Team MAGNITUDE | 06/12/2010 | 9.75GB

ANSYS 13.0 includes a great number of new and advanced features that make it easier, faster and cheaper for customers to bring new products to market, with a high degree of confidence in the ultimate results they will achieve.
Author: superteen, read more

26-08-2010, 22:27, Section: Games    
[PC] The Great White Destroyer

The Great White Destroyer | 46 Mb

Version 1.1
Author: uploadingru, read more

24-12-2010, 00:28, Section: Software    


Unity 3.D PRO v.3.1 For MacOSX | 624 MB
Author: nguyenbacuongCk05, read more

25-10-2010, 10:00, Section: Graphics » Vectors    
Design Elements #1035
Design Elements #1035
EPS | JPEG Preview | 33.9 MB
Author: kerlynla, read more

19-01-2011, 19:02, Section: Games    
SimCity 3000

SimCity 3000
PC game | Genre: Modern City-Building | 275 MB
Author: aloha903, read more

12-09-2010, 19:32, Section: Software    

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 (LS1)

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 (LS1) | Mac Os X | 436 MB
Author: vusyninhdlk51, read more

6-06-2011, 06:29, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
Introduction to 3ds Max

Introduction to 3ds Max | eLearning | 1.38 GB
Author: superteen, read more

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