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13-08-2011, 07:39, Section: Other    
Sonic The Hedgehog - 1.2
Sonic The Hedgehog - 1.2
iOS Version: iOS 3 and higher
Size 88.31 MB
Author: phuonglam390, read more

17-12-2010, 04:45, Section: Music    
VA - Best Of Tunnel ...

VA - Best Of Tunnel Meets Mental Madness (2010)
Genre: Dance | 2 CD | Mp3 | 192 Kbps | 207.3 MB
Author: tttooommm, read more

9-08-2011, 11:34, Section: Games    

Men of Valor (PC/FullIso/Eng)

Men of Valor (PC/FullIso/Eng)
Game Platforme(s) : PC | Language : English | Release Date : Oct 29, 2004
Publisher : VU Games | Developer : 2015 | Size : 2.9 Gb
Genre : Historic First-Person Shooter
Author: nguyenbacuongCk05, read more

3-08-2011, 08:52, Section: Games » Console Games    
Captain America: Super Soldier

Captain America: Super Soldier
Release Date: Jul 19, 2011 | Developer\Publisher: Sega | Wii | 4.37 GB
Language: English, German
Genre: Action

Captain America: Super Soldier combines a highly athletic combat system with fluid platforming and a highly tuned suite of shield attacks, as Cap explores a massive castle turned military installation. His shield can be employed in numerous ways: taking out multiple enemies at once, deflecting incoming fire back at enemies, solving puzzles, and scaling walls. Players will be able to launch shield first into the fray with the superior force of the worlds first Super Soldier at their fingertips and theyll need every bit of that strength to overcome a castle thats both an acrobatic playground for the Captains physical prowess and a house of mystery with enemies and danger at every turn.
Author: nguyenbacuongCk05, read more

3-09-2010, 04:52, Section: E-Books    

Pro Silverlight 3 in VB + Source Code
Publisher: Apress | ISBN: 1430224274 | edition 2009 | PDF | 817 pages | 17,1 mb

Silverlight is a lightweight browser quid-in that frees your code from the traditional confines of the browser. It's a rules-changing, groundbreaking technology that allows you to put with force rich client applications right inside the browser. Even more impressivel

Author: Root, read more

30-12-2010, 18:06, Section: Movies    

Moulin Rouge (2001) BDRip x264

Moulin Rouge (2001) BDRip x264

English | 2h 7mn | 848x352 | x264 - 1000Kbps | 23.976fps | AAC - 192Kbps | 1.12GiB
Genre: Drama | Musical | Romance
Author: vu8127905, read more

10-09-2010, 21:15, Section: E-Books    
Xtreme Beginnerz ? Card Manipulations Tutorial

Xtreme Beginnerz ? Card Manipulations Tutorial
DVDRip | English | 1:18 | AVI DivX 640?480 29.970fps 575kbps | MP3 44.100kHz 2ch 128kbps avg | United States | 2005 | 615 Mb
Genre: Video Training

This is the new ultra hot DVD set from Handlordz productions that everyone is RAVING about! It features De?vo vom Schattenreich, Jerry Cestkowski, special appearances by Daryl, Jeff McBride, Greg Irwin, and a brand new artist by the name of Q.
Author: izakisan, read more

2-08-2011, 11:01, Section: Music    

Kenny G - G Force (1983)

Kenny G - G Force (1983)
G Force | Release: 1983 |Mp3 FLAC(Tracks,cue,log)|lossless &320kbps | 38:29 min | 343 mb
Artist: Kenny G
Label: Arista
Genre: Jazz, Smooth Jazz
G Force is the second studio album by saxophonist Kenny G. It was released by Arista Records in 1983, and peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Jazz Albums chart, number 17 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, and number 62 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Author: 0KingOfFilm0, read more

19-09-2010, 17:18, Section: Movies    
Future X-Cop (2010) DVDRip

Future XCop (2010) DVDRip x264 Abub
Language: Cantonese
94 Min | 624 x 272 | x264 513Kbps | 25.000fps | DVDrip | AAC ? 48KHz | 346 MB

If Andy Lau had young children then making a film like FUTURE X-COPS for them to enjoy would be perfectly understandable. But he doesn't and so his motives become immediately less clear. Wong Jing's latest cinematic offering is a flimsy mish-mash of great scenes from lots of other, much better science fiction and action movies, recreated on a far smaller budget and then strung together by an equally insubstantial time travel plot to hugely unsatisfying effect.

Lau plays Kidd Zhao, the Future X-Cop of the title, who travels back in time from the year 2080 to 2020 in order to protect a young boy who will grow up to become an influential scientist who has discovered a new type of eco-friendly fuel. Kidd is a cyborg, more machine than man, which means he's super strong, bulletproof and has a cool cell phone built into the palm of his hand. He can also fly. The problem is that his enemies are also cyborgs, led by Fan Siu Wong, who are arguably even more powerful, as they can mutate to produce wings, multi-headed hydras from their arms, or Alien-esque tails tipped with razor sharp blades. And they don't mind killing people.
Author: supper88, read more

24-10-2010, 23:52, Section: Music    
DJ Hero 2 - Soundtrack
DJ Hero 2 - Soundtrack
Release Date: 2010-10-23 | Source: XBOX 360 | Quality: 320kbps / 44.1KHz | Length:4:08:35 | 569 mB
Genre: Soundtrack
Only original 65 mixes that come with game. No unlocked tracks. Go play the game for me and get them. Thanks.....
Author: devilreload, read more

8-09-2010, 03:23, Section: Games    
JetFighter 2015 (PC/ENG) - KL

JetFighter 2015 (PC/ENG) - KL
JetFighter 2015 (PC/ENG/Reupload)
PC game | Genre: Futuristic Jet Sim | 367 MB
Author: kalong_12, read more

6-01-2011, 16:57, Section: Movies    

Road Kill (2010) DVDRip XviD

Road Kill (2010) DVDRip XviD

Language: English
01:30:10 | 624 x 352 | XviD 1176Kbps | 29.97 fps | mp3 128Kbps | 849 MB
Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Author: vu8127905, read more

2-08-2011, 03:56, Section: Music    
Amnezia Super Hits 61 [2CD]
VA - Amnezia Super Hits 61 - 2011
Dance | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 345 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

13-10-2010, 23:06, Section: Games    
Elements of War(2010)


Elements of War(2010) -[eu]
Elements of War(2010)
Release: 2010 | Mac OS X | Game | 1.51GB
Genre: RTS-Strategy
Author: eubeun, read more

16-09-2010, 05:20, Section: Games    
Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes -QN

Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes -QN
Release name: Grotesque.Tactics.Evil.Heroes-ViTALiTY
Size : 680 MB
Published by: Silent Dreams
Developed by: Silent Dreams
Release Date: 11.07.2010
Genre: Strategy RPG
Language: ENG
Author: quynhnhu139, read more

23-05-2011, 05:45, Section: Graphics    
VH Atomic fire light logo

VH Atomic fire light logo
AE CS3 | 1280x720 | .AEP | 500.4 mb
Author: claus, read more

27-11-2010, 00:34, Section: Music    
VA - 101 00s Hits (2010) -QN

VA - 101 00s Hits (2010)  -QN
VA - 101 00s Hits (2010)
MP3 V2 VBR Kbps | Year Of Release: 2010 | 361:25 Min | 527 MB
Genre: Pop, Rock
Author: quynhnhu139, read more

28-09-2010, 19:26, Section: Games    
Rising Force Online 2.2.3  (ENG/RUS/GER)

Rising Force Online | PC | 1.92 Gb

Rising Force Online: Bellato Strikes Back - Korean free MMORPG (Role Playing Game) for PC, developed by CCR Inc. RF Online is made in the full 3D. In the game world is a place advanced technology, firearms and laser weapons, a cyborg and robot, as well as mysticism, magic spells of darkness, light, and the various elements. On a plot of the game is based around three warring races of the conflict for resources on a particular planet called Novus. Each of the races has its own distinctive features and appearance.
Author: tanya-j, read more

9-10-2010, 09:52, Section: Movies    
History Channel - Conquerors: King David (2010) PDTV XviD-MVGroup
History Channel - Conquerors: King David (2010) PDTV XviD-MVGroup
Language: English
45 Min | 720 x 480 | XviD - 970Kbps | 23.976fps | MP3 - 96.0Kbps | 348 MB
Genre: Documentary
Author: protoss302, read more

8-10-2010, 10:18, Section: Music    
80 From The 80s (2010) - TL

80 From The 80s (2010) - TL
80 From The 80s (2010)
Mp3 | 320 kbps | 44,1kHz | Stereo | Dance, Pop | 455 Mb
Author: Ivy209251, read more

15-05-2011, 15:13, Section: Games    
Elements Of War (2011/ENG)

Elements Of War (2011/ENG) | 3.69 Gb
Author: Poiskovik, read more

10-11-2012, 08:23, Section: Music    
Dancefloor DJ's (2012)
VA - Dancefloor DJ's - 2012
Progressive/Electro/Club House | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 238 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

12-01-2011, 10:04, Section: Software    

TextPipe Pro 8.6.7
TextPipe Pro 8.6.7 | 6.6 MB

TextPipe will save you time and frustration in fixing text data, regardless of the number of changes required, the size or number of files, and the complexity of the transformations.

Author: amigo, read more

21-08-2010, 07:30, Section: Games    

Terrorist Takedown 3 (PC)
Platform: PC | Release: 10 August 2010, ~ dint of. FLT | Language: English | Size: 2,66 GB
Genre: FPS

A Delta Force team is sent to Mexico to put an end to a terrorist organization. Members of the organization are working on a commencing chemical weapon and they want a ransom from the local government.

.Use modern fire arms and speci

Author: Root, read more

16-12-2010, 07:49, Section: Software    

Vector Clock 2.30 Portable
Vector Clock 2.30 Portable | 6.4 MB

A fully scalable desktop clock and alarm that can be placed anywhere on your screen, rotated with total freedom, resized to any scale and set in 3D perspective view without losing any quality.

Author: amigo, read more

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