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Vincent Willem van Gogh (Netherlandish Vincent Willem van Gogh, March 30, 1853, Groat Zyundert, near Breda, Netherlands - July 29, 1890, Auvers-sur-Oise, France) - the world famous Netherlandish painter, draftsman, etcher a>nd lithographer One of the largest representatives of post-impressionism. The tragic life of Vincent Van Gogh s popular today as a kind of sacred legend, which seems to need people more than the glow of its stars and sunflowers. Hungry, almost miserable existence, full of loneliness and contempt of others, has turned into global boom and interest in the 20 century.
In his lifetime, Van Gogh sold only one painting ( The Red Vineyard ), and exactly one hundred years in the auction Christie s in New York, his Portrait of Dr. Gachet was bought for 82.5 million dollars (a record among the paintings) . Against this background, an unhealthy worship of losing the look of the artist himself, powerful and vulnerable at the same time, completed his dramatic journey to the land of despair and suicide. Van Gogh lived only 37 years, of which only the last seven with a little focused on painting. However, his musical legacy is amazing. It s about a thousand pictures and almost as many paintings created by volcanic eruptions creative when during the long weeks, Van Gogh wrote to one or two paintings a day. Van Gogh was the last truly great artist in history, an unattainable example for others, selfless and heroic art which, like a torch, like a rainbow, shining now on humanity. His paintings are stunning, full of love and suffering of dialogue - with ourselves, with God, with the world ...

Childhood and flower of life:
Vincent van Gogh was born at 11 am March 30, 1853 in the village of Groot-Zyundert (Netherlandish Groot Zundert) in the province of North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands, near the Belgian border. Father Vincent was Theodore covered wagon Gogh, a Protestant pastor, and his mother - Anna Cornelia Karbentus, daughter of respected bookbinder and bookseller from The Hague. Vincent was the second of seven children of Theodore and Anna Cornelia. His mention he received in honor of paternal grandfather, who also dedicated his life to the Protestant church. This name is intended for the first child of Theodore and Anna, who was born a year before Vincent died in the principal day. So Vincent, although he was born the second, was the oldest of the children.
Four years after the birth of Vincent, May 1, 1857, was born, his brother Theodorus covered wagon Gogh (Theo). Apart from him, from Vincent s brother Cor (Cornelius Vincent, 17 May 1867) and three sisters - Anna Cornelia (17 February 1855), Liz (Elizabeth Hubert, 16 May 1859) and Wil (Villemina Jacob, March 16, 1862). Pets remember Vincent since a wayward, difficult and tedious a child with a strange opportunity to pass , that was the cause of his frequent punishments. According to the instructress, was it something strange, that set him apart from others: out of all her children Vincent was less than pleasant, and she did not give credit to that because he can get something worthwhile. Outside the family, attached the contrary, Vincent shows the opposite side of his character - was a contented, serious and thoughtful. He almost did not play with other children. In the eyes of peer villagers, he was good-natured, friendly, attentive, compassionate, sweet and break kid. When he was 7 years old, he went to the hamlet school, but a year later he was taken out, and into union with his sister Anna, he was educated at home by governesses. October 1, 1864, he went to boarding exercise in Zevenbergen, 20 km from home. Departure from home has caused plenteous suffering to Vincent, he could not forget that, even as every adult. September 15, 1866 he began teaching at another boarding educate - college Willem II in Tilburg. Well be given to Vincent languages - French, English and German. There he current lessons in drawing. In March of 1868, in the middle of the teach year, Vincent suddenly dropped out of school and returned to his fore~ s house. At the end of his formal education. About his childhood, he remembered this: My childhood was bleak, cold and blank ... .

Working in a mercantile firm and missionary activity
In July 1869, Vincent finds a work at ~s in the Hague branch of the major art-trading firm Goupil & Cie, owned ~ dint of. his Uncle Vincent ( Uncle Cent ). There he received the necessary nurture as a dealer. In June 1873 he was transferred to the London ramification of Goupil & Cie. Through daily contact with works of art Vincent began to take notice at art and appreciate it. In addition, he attended the incorporated town s museums, galleries, admiring the works of Jean-Francois Millet and Jules Breton. In London, Vincent becomes a fortunate dealer, and the age of 20 already earns more than his ancestor. In late August, Vincent moved to Hackford Road 87 and rented a range in the house of Ursula Loyer and her daughter Eugenia. They maxim, Vincent was in love with Eugene, though many early biographers mistakenly called her repute mother, Ursula. In addition to this confusion of names, which has existed in the place of decades, recent studies indicate that Vincent was not at all in delight in with Eugene, but rather a German girl named Carolina Haanebik. What in reality happened remains unknown. Disclaimer beloved shocked and disappointed Vincent, he by degrees lost interest in his work and began to turn to the Bible. In 1874, Vincent was transferred to the Paris tributary stream of the company, but after three months of work, he again left for London. Cases had walked all the worse, and in May 1875 he was again transferred to Paris. Here he visited the manifestation at the Salon and the Louvre. At the end of March 1876 he was dismissed from the con~ed Goupil & Cie. Moved by compassion and a desire to be serviceable to his neighbors, he decided to become a priest.
In 1876, Vincent returned to England, at which place he found unpaid work as a teacher in a boarding exercise in Remsgeyte. In July, Vincent moved to another school - in Ayslvorte (close-fisted London) where he performed the work teachers and assistant pastor. November 4 Vincent delivered my foremost sermon. His interest in the gospel grew, and he hit forward the idea to preach to the poor.
At Christmas, Vincent went home, and parents urged him not to return to England. Vincent stayed in the Netherlands and in six months he worked in a bookshop in Dordrecht. This work was not to his soul; most of the time he spent making an outline, or translating passages from the Bible into German, English and French. Trying to assist the desire to become Vincent s pastor, the family sent him in May 1877 in Amsterdam, to what he lived with his uncle, Admiral Jan van Gogh. There he worked diligently when exposed to the guidance of his uncle Yoganessa Stricker, a respected and recognized theologian, preparing to take entrance exams at the university department of true doctrine concerning god and his relations to man. Eventually he became disillusioned with school, dropped his studies and in July 1878 left Amsterdam. The passion to be useful to ordinary people sent it to the Protestant evangelist school in Laeken at Brussels, where he held a three-month deportment of preaching.
In December 1878 he was sent for six months considered in the state of a missionary in Borinazh, a poor mining district in southern Belgium. Seeing the poorness and desperation of the miners and their families, Vincent refused to every one of amenities and live match for the miners. He slept on the prostrate in a dilapidated, almost unheated shack, living hand to mouth, gave his effects to the needy and spend their wages on medicines and cheer for the miners. Management of the church was so shocked through exorbitant attendance Vincent in the life of miners and released Vincent from evangelist activity, because it undermines the dignity of the clergy. Despite orders, Vincent, weak and sick, yet continued missionary activity.

Becoming a painter
In 1880 Van Gogh turned to the arts, attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels (1880-1881) and Antwerp (1885-1886), enjoyed the care of the painter A. Mahouve in The Hague, with a strong feeling drew miners, farmers and artisans. In a series of paintings and sketches mid-1880. ( Peasant Woman , 1885, Museum Kroller-Muller, Otterlo, The Potato Eaters, 1885, State Museum Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam), written in a dark painting scheme, marked painfully eager perception of human suffering and feelings of depression, the artist recreated the overwhelming atmosphere of psychological tension.
In 1886-1888, Van Gogh lived in Paris, attended a personal art studio, studied painting Impressionism, Japanese prints, synthetic works by Paul Gauguin. During this termination, Van Gogh s palette became brighter, disappeared earthy tone paint, in that place were clear blue, golden yellow, red color, characteristic of a dynamic, for example it were, flowing stroke ( Bridge over the Seine, 1887, State Museum Vincent covered wagon Gogh, Amsterdam , Pere Tanguy, 1887, Rodin Museum, Paris).

Recent years. Creativity flourished.
In 1888 Van Gogh moved to Arles, to which place finally clear the originality of his creative manner. The fierce displaying taste temperament, the painful impulse to harmony, beauty and happiness and at the like time, the fear of hostile forces to man, are the etc. see the verb of something shining in the sun paints the Southern landscape ( The Harvest. Valley of La Crau , 1888, National Museum Vincent front Gogh, Amsterdam ), the ominous, reminiscent of the nightmare images ( Night Cafe , 1888, Museum Kroller-Muller, Otterlo), the science of forces of color and stroke fills the spiritual life and the change of not only nature and its people ( The Red Vineyard 1888, State Museum of Fine Arts named subsequent AS Pushkin, Moscow), but also inanimate objects ( Van Gogh s Bedroom at Arles, 1888, State Museum of Vincent fore-rank Gogh, Amsterdam).
The hard work and racket Van Gogh (abused absinthe) in recent years have led to attacks of mental illness (eg, as a be the effect of one of them an artist cut off his ear and presented it to a misuse). This is a mental disorder and has led him to the hospital despite the mentally ill in Arles (doctors diagnosed temporal lobe epilepsy ), in that case in Saint-Remy (1889-1890) and Auvers-sur-Oise, where he tried to place suicide July 29, 1890 year. Going out for a walk by drawing materials, fired a pistol near her heart, and then returned and ~er down in his bed, where he was discovered. According to his brother Theo (Theo), who was by Vincent in his last moments, the artist s last words were: La tristesse durera toujours (?broken heart will last forever ). He died at 1:30 am July 29, 1890.


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