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15-09-2014, 19:23, Section: E-Books    
history and Cultural Theory

Simon Gunn, "History and Cultural Theory"

English | ISBN: 0582784085 | 2006 | 256 pages | PDF | 1 MB

In recent times there has been recognition of the growing influence of cultural theory on historical writing. Foucault, Bourdieu, Butler and Spivak are just some of the thinkers whose ideas have been taken up and deployed by historians.
What are these ideas and where do they come from? How have cultural theorists thought about 'history'? And how have historians applied theoretical insights to enhance their own understanding of events in the past?
This book provides a wide-ranging and authoritative guide to the often vexed and controversial relationship between history and contemporary theory. It analyses the concepts that concern both theorists and historians, such as power, identity, modernity and postcolonialism, and offers a critical evaluation of them from an historical standpoint.
Written in an accessible manner, History and Cultural Theory gives historians and students an invaluable summary of the impact of cultural theory on historiography over the last twenty years, and indicates the likely directions of the subject in the future.
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13-09-2014, 13:09, Section: E-Books    
kinesiology For Dummies

Kinesiology For Dummies by Steve Glass, Brian Hatzel and Rick Albrecht

English | 2014 | ISBN: 1118549236 | 384 pages | PDF | 4,1 MB

Move at your own pace with this kinesiology course guide.
A required course for majors pursuing sports medicine, exercise science, nursing, or sports therapy degrees, kinesiology is central to a variety of fields. Kinesiology For Dummies tracks an introductory course in the science and imparts the basics of human body movement.

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6-09-2014, 06:14, Section: E-Books    
Geometry, Particles & Fields

Bjoern Felsager, "Geometry, Particles, and Fields"

1983 | pages: 684 | ISBN: 0387982671 | PDF | 17,9 mb

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5-09-2014, 03:22, Section: E-Books    
101 Nights Of Great Sex

101 Nights of Great Sex By Laura Corn

2013 | 426 Pages | ISBN: 0962962872 | EPUB + MOBI | 3 MB

101 Nights of Great Sex is the permission slip you've needed to strip off all your inhibitions and break your predictable bedroom routines; to finally claim the sex life that you really, really want.
Millions of readers can attest to the success of the original printed version of this book for revitalizing their love lives.
But now Laura Corn has totally upped her game and pulled out all the stops in the New 2013 edition.

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21-08-2014, 20:58, Section: Software    
Topaz Adjust 5.1.0 (MacOSX)

Topaz Adjust 5.1.0 MacOSX | 64 MB

Topaz Adjust uses histogram information from the entire image to determine the best way to process contrast and exposure. This process gets you fantastic results that just aren't possible anywhere else.
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21-08-2014, 06:32, Section: E-Books    
A History Of Russian Thought

William Leatherbarrow, Derek Offord, "A History of Russian Thought"

Cambridge University Press; 1 edition | Apr 30, 2010 | ISBN: 0521875218 | PDF | 462 pages | 3.1 MB

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19-08-2014, 14:55, Section: E-Books    
The Bike Book(4th Edition)

The Bike Book(4th Edition) by Fred Milson

English | 2003 | ISBN: 1844250008 | 176 pages | PDF | 83 MB

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19-08-2014, 14:53, Section: E-Books    
Surgery (9th edition)

Peter Geller - Surgery (9th edition)

Published: 2000-09-25 | ISBN: 0071359540 | PDF | 328 pages | 3 MB

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19-08-2014, 14:10, Section: E-Books    
Mastering CryENGINE

Mastering CryENGINE By Sascha Gundlach, Michelle K. Martin

2014 | 278 Pages | ISBN: 1783550252 | EPUB + MOBI | 10 MB + 15 MB

Use CryENGINE at a professional level and master the engine's advanced features to build AAA quality games

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19-08-2014, 13:45, Section: E-Books    
Fundamentals of Illustration

Fundamentals of Illustration

AVA Publishing | 2006 | ISBN: 2940373337 | Pages: 176 | PDF | 51.84 MB

Creating great illustration work requires specialist skills and knowledge, and in addition to practical applications, this book teaches a comprehension of basic communication theory and creative strategies. It guides in understanding design, print and production processes as well as software application. By recognizing illustration as a freelance profession Fundamentals of Illustration explains best working practices appropriate to all industry sectors, including how to market and promote work effectively.

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19-08-2014, 13:43, Section: E-Books    
Essays on Numbers and Figures

V. V. Prasolov, "Essays on Numbers and Figures"

2000 | pages: 82 | ISBN: 0821819445 | PDF | 3,2 mb

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19-08-2014, 13:31, Section: E-Books    
C++ How to Program 5th Edition

C++ How to Program 5th Edition by P.J. Deitel

Prentice Hall | Jan 15 2005 | ISBN: 0131857576 | Pages: 1536 | CHM | 10.21 MB

With over 250,000 sold, Harvey and Paul Deitel's C++ How to Program is the world's best-selling introduction to C++ programming. Now, this classic has been thoroughly updated! The Deitels' groundbreaking How to Program series offers unparalleled breadth and depth of programming concepts and intermediate-level topics for further study.
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19-08-2014, 13:29, Section: E-Books    
C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4

C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 by Mark Summerfield

Prentice Hall PTR | Jun 26 2006 | ISBN: 0131872494 | Pages: 560 | CHM | 6.06 MB

The Only Official Best-Practice Guide to Qt 4.1 Programming. Using Trolltech's Qt you can build industrial-strength C++ applications that run natively on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and embedded Linux--without making source code changes.

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19-08-2014, 10:38, Section: E-Books    
Fungal Enzymes

Maria de Lourdes T. M. Polizeli, Mahendra Rai, "Fungal Enzymes"

English | ISBN: 1466594543 | 2013 | 464 pages | PDF | 5 MB

This book presents a detailed account of different enzymes including pectinolytic and amylolytic systems, invertases, cellulases and hemicellulases, pectinases, proteases, laccases, phytases, alpha-glucuronidases, mannanases, lipases produced by different fungi. It also deals with many applications, including the transesterification and biodiesel production. The text incorporates different approaches to diverse enzyme systems-for a better understanding of the substrates involved in catalysis-as well as different processes of enzyme production, purification processes, gene and metabolic regulations, and engineering of enzymes.

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19-08-2014, 07:26, Section: E-Books    
The Science of Orgasm

Barry R. Komisaruk, Carlos Beyer-Flores, "The Science of Orgasm"

2006 | ISBN-10: 080188490X | 376 pages | PDF | 1,3 MB

This fascinating and comprehensive book is the first to explore the complex biological process leading to orgasm. Here, sexuality researcher and nurse Beverly Whipple, coauthor of the international best-selling book The G Spot and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality, joins neuroscientist Barry R. Komisaruk and endocrinologist Carlos Beyer-Flores to view orgasm through the lenses of behavioral neuroscience along with cognitive and physiological sciences.
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19-08-2014, 06:20, Section: E-Books    


Language: German | Soltau-Kurier, Norden | ScanPDF | 59 pages | ISBN: 3922365469 | Year: 1995 | 62 MB

Soltau-Kurier (Norden, 1995), zahlreiche s/w-Abb., und detailreiche Karten. Sehr detailreicher F?hrer durch diese Landschaft mit vielen Informationen. English: Soltau-Kurier (Norden, 1995), numerous black/white-pictures and detailed maps. A guide through this landscape with many informations.

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17-08-2014, 13:02, Section: Software    
Longman Collection

Longman Collection | 9.48 GB

Genre: Educational English

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16-08-2014, 17:37, Section: E-Books    
Practical HTML5 Projects

Adrian W. West, "Practical HTML5 Projects"

English | 2012 | ISBN: 1430242752 | PDF | pages: 473 | 44,8 mb

Practical HTML5 Projects is a collection of valuable web techniques that any developer or designer can use. This book is all about saving time. Busy web developers should not have to plow through pages of theory or history only to discover that no practical applications are provided, nor should they have to read a paragraph five times to extract some meaning from it. All of the techniques within this book are explained using fully worked examples that you can immediately apply to your own projects.
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16-08-2014, 17:26, Section: E-Books    
Make Doll Shoes! Workbook II

Make Doll Shoes! Workbook II By Lyn Alexander

Publisher: Hobby House Press 1989 | 40 Pages | ISBN: 0875883362 | PDF | 12 MB

This second book on how to make leather boots and sandals contains 6 styles of footwear, each with patterns in several sizes. 98 line drawings. 103 pattern pieces. 40 pages.
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16-08-2014, 16:44, Section: E-Books    

Being Peace

Thich Nhat Hanh, "Being Peace"

Publisher: Parallax Pr | 2005 | ISBN: 188837540X | English | PDF | 120 pages | 2.7 Mb
"An ideal starting-point for those interested in Buddhism, Being Peace contains Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings on peace and meditation. Using real examples from his own life, as well as poems and fables, Nhat Hanh explains his key practices for living "right in the moment we are alive." These lessons are taught with fine writing and sparkling phrases that draw the reader in and make Being Peace a book that encourages multiple readings, both alone and in groups. ..."

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15-08-2014, 23:10, Section: E-Books    
The Sculpture of Picasso

The Sculpture of Picasso
English | 231 pages | ASIN: B0006BRUQ0 | PDF | 48.55 Mb

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15-08-2014, 06:06, Section: E-Books    
What is Mathematics, Really

Reuben Hersh, "What is Mathematics, Really?"

ISBN: 0195113683, 0195130871 | 1997 | EPUB/MOBI | 368 pages | 812 KB/1 MB

Platonism is the most pervasive philosophy of mathematics. Indeed, it can be argued that an inarticulate, half-conscious Platonism is nearly universal among mathematicians. The basic idea is that mathematical entities exist outside space and time, outside thought and matter, in an abstract realm. In the more eloquent words of Edward Everett, a distinguished nineteenth-century American scholar, "in pure mathematics we contemplate absolute truths which existed in the divine mind before the morning stars sang together, and which will continue to exist there when the last of their radiant host shall have fallen from heaven.
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15-08-2014, 06:02, Section: E-Books    
Understanding Wall Street

Jeffrey Little, "Understanding Wall Street, 5th Edition"

ISBN: 0071633227 | 2009 | EPUB/MOBI | 320 pages | 4 MB/6 MB

For over 30 years this comprehensive, easy-to-read guide has served well as the definitive reference for successful investing. Now in its fifth edition and completely updated, Understanding Wall Street helps investors prosper in today's challenging economy-whether you're just beginning or among the millions soon to retire.
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15-08-2014, 05:49, Section: E-Books    
The Cutting Edge Cricket

The Cutting Edge Cricket by Cricket Australia, Frank Pyke and Ken Davis

English | 2010 | ISBN: 0736079025 | 192 pages | PDF | 6,3 MB

Cutting Edge Cricket has brought together unrivalled advice on playing and coaching cricket from 38 of Australia's most legendary players and coaches. Covering every aspect of cricket play you will learn and appreciate how the greatest players in Australia's cricket history reached the pinnacle of their game.
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15-08-2014, 05:47, Section: E-Books    
Teamster Rebellion, 2nd edition

Teamster Rebellion, 2nd edition By Farrell Dobbs

2004 | 322 Pages | ISBN: 087348973X | scanned PDF | 19 MB

The 1934 strikes that built the industrial union movement in Minneapolis and helped pave the way for the CIO, recounted by a central leader of that battle. The first in a four-volume series on the class-struggle leadership of the strikes and organizing drives that transformed the Teamsters union in much of the Midwest into a fighting social movement and pointed the road toward independent labor political action. This second, expanded edition of Farrell Dobbs's 1972 book includes a new introduction by Jack Barnes and two photo sections.
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