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5-04-2014, 21:29, Section: Software » Multimedia    
8Dio Solo Frame Drums KONTAKT

8Dio Solo Frame Drums KONTAKT
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 03 April 2014 | 1.13 GB

8DIO Solo Frame Drum represents one of the most widespread and versatile families of drums – with a history crossing through ancient Middle East, India, Rome and through a variety of Islamic cultures. The Frame Drum defined by the simple characteristic that the width of the drumhead is greater then its depth, but besides from that the Frame Drum comes in thousands of variations. It is known for its distinct sustained sound and its multi-resonant qualities.
Author: Eyo, read more

13-03-2014, 17:55, Section: Software » Office    
Serif PagePlus X7 v17.0.3.28

Serif PagePlus X7 v17.0.3.28 | 1.73 GB

PagePlus X7 is here to help your business, charity or personal venture stand out from the crowd. Create posters, flyers, business cards, save and edit PDF files, and much more. PagePlus X7 is the most versatile and easy-to-use desktop publisher ever!
Author: Eyo, read more

12-03-2014, 22:01, Section: Software » Multimedia    
Roxio Creator NXT 2

Roxio Creator NXT 2 | 2.69 GB

Roxio Creator NXT 2 - A new version of a software package for producing professional-quality multimedia content , for recording, editing and publication of personal videos , including high-definition recording .
Author: Eyo, read more

12-02-2014, 04:33, Section: E-Books    
Jillian Michaels - Hard Body

Jillian Michaels - Hard Body
2xDVDRip | AVI / XviD, ~1972 kb/s | 720x400 | Duration: 01:36:18 | English: AC3, 192 kb/s (2 ch) | 1.45 GB
Genre: Sport

Two aero/tone interval workouts that feature an immense variety of multi-muscle exercises. Jillian keeps you challenged with a non-stop series of endlessly-changing combos (a new routine every 30 seconds!).
Author: Eyo, read more

11-01-2014, 22:01, Section: E-Books    
Aiki Expo 2002 Demostration

Aiki Expo 2002 Demostration
2хVSHRip | MP4 / AVC, ~2226 kb/s | 720x480 | Duration: 03:34:15 | English: AAC, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 3.14 GB
Genre: Sport

This DVD is part one of the 5th Friendship Demonstration held in conjunction with Aiki Expo 2002 held May 3-5, 2002 in Las Vegas. It features a stellar lineup of top-ranked aikidoka of various styles and fascinating demonstrations of Daito-ryu aikijujutsu, Yanagi-ryu Aiki Jiu Jitsu, and Seibukan Jujutsu.
Author: Eyo, read more

12-12-2012, 22:19, Section: Graphics    
GraphicRiver Shiny Styles

GraphicRiver Shiny Styles
Author: sergio090588, read more

29-11-2012, 12:29, Section: Graphics    
GraphicRiver Zombie Styles

GraphicRiver Zombie Styles
Author: sergio090588, read more

29-11-2012, 12:26, Section: Graphics    
GraphicRiver Retro Banner Kit

GraphicRiver Retro Banner Kit
Author: sergio090588, read more

29-11-2012, 12:25, Section: Graphics    
GraphicRiver Retro Actions

GraphicRiver Retro Actions
Author: sergio090588, read more

29-11-2012, 12:23, Section: Graphics    
GraphicRiver Machines Generator

GraphicRiver Machines Generator
Author: sergio090588, read more

22-11-2012, 11:33, Section: Graphics    
GraphicRiver Winter Sounds

GraphicRiver Winter Sounds
Author: sergio090588, read more

22-11-2012, 11:30, Section: Graphics    
GraphicRiver Movember Circus

GraphicRiver Movember Circus
Author: sergio090588, read more

12-11-2012, 04:23, Section: Music    
Radio 1 Sonar 1000 [3CD] (2012)
VA - Radio 1 Sonar 1000 - 2012
Pop | MP3 | 229 Kbps | 382 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

24-10-2012, 11:16, Section: Music    
Max Mix 2012 [2CD] (2012)
VA - Max Mix 2012
Dance/House | MP3 | 143 Kbps | 131 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

7-08-2012, 05:23, Section: Music    
Stay Dance Home (2012)
VA - Stay Dance Home - 2012
House/Dance/Trance | MP3 | 300 Kbps | 327 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

2-08-2012, 02:33, Section: Software    
Movie Torrent Portable
Movie Torrent Portable | 18.5 Mb

Movie Torrent just puts file sharing in a new light. It is the outcome of the latest technology combined with an as friendly as it gets concept to make downloading easier and safer than ever. This powerful and reliable application is the perfect tool for searching, downloading and sharing any type of file you wish - MOVIES, MUSIC, SOFTWARE or other.
Author: tanya-j, read more

30-07-2012, 21:52, Section: Music    
The Best Party Of RnB (2011)
VA - The Best Party Of RnB - 2011
R&B | MP3 | 256 Kbps | 690 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

29-07-2012, 09:27, Section: Music    
80 From The 00s [4CD] (2012)
VA - 80 From The 00s - 2012
Pop | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 663 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

28-07-2012, 04:50, Section: Music    
Magic Astral Sunrise (2012)
VA - Magic Astral Sunrise - 2012
Trance | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 363 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

23-07-2012, 04:59, Section: Music    
Tanecni Liga 141 (2012)
VA - Tanecni Liga 141 - 2012
Dance | MP3 | 248 Kbps | 142 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

13-07-2012, 04:33, Section: Music    
Summer Club Beats Vol 70 (2012)
VA - Summer Club Beats Vol 70 - 2012
Dance/House | MP3 | 300 Kbps | 269 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

10-07-2012, 01:40, Section: Software    
Sothink Flash Menu 1.2.113
Sothink Flash Menu 1.2.113 | 13.1 MB

An ultimate Flash menu builder creates stylish & stunning cross-browser Flash drop down menu in clicks. 68 built-in templates, 50 amazing special effects, 35 preset styles and image library of 4 categories, make SE friendly navigation bar without Flash and ActionScript skills. Fully customize web menu style; show Flash menu above web elements. WYSWYG Flash menu builder enables you to preview Flash menu instantly.
Author: tanya-j, read more

16-06-2012, 09:31, Section: Software    
Fun Greetings 1.2.1 Mac OS X
Fun Greetings 1.2.1 | Mac Os X | 55 MB

Fun Greetings helps you print & e-mail your own beautiful Valentine's Day Photo Cards. Fun Greetings currently includes Christmas, Valentine's Day & a handful of Birthday & Generic styles.
Author: tanya-j, read more

19-05-2012, 08:17, Section: Games » Console Games    
Dragons Dogma XBOX360-iMARS

Dragons Dogma XBOX360-iMARS
22/05/12 | Platform: XBOX360 | Publisher/Developer: Capcom | Region: RF | 8.1Gb
Genre: Action

Description: Set in a huge open world, Dragon?s Dogma is a unique action experience that blends exciting and fulfilling combat with the freedom to explore and interact in a rich, living and breathing world. With your party of three you set out on an epic adventure to track down and destroy a mysterious dragon. Along the way you?ll encounter some of the biggest and baddest beasts ever to roam the land, and only skilful play and tactical teamwork can save the day. Dragon?s Dogma introduces an innovative team system to the genre. The player?s three AI partners, known as ?Pawns? fight independently, demonstrating prowess and ability they have developed based on traits learned over time from the player and their actions. Utilizing Xbox LIVE, players will journey to the Rift where they can share their own Pawns with friends and be rewarded with treasure, knowledge of the world and strategies for taking down enemies. Conversely, players can borrow friends? Pawns with the specific skills or experience required to tackle a particular quest. In addition, Dragon?s Dogma will ship with thousands of ready-made Pawns for players to select offline.
Author: aloha903, read more

28-04-2012, 03:17, Section: Music    
Hard House Heaven (2011)
VA - Hard House Heaven - 2011
Hard House | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 696 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

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