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13-01-2014, 23:46, Section: E-Books    
Yin Yoga – Kim Eng

Yin Yoga – Kim Eng
DVD5 | NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR | MPEG2 ~3948 kbps | English: AC3, 192 kb/s (2 ch) | Duration: 01:17:53 | 4.14 GB
Genre: Sport, Yoga

Most of our lives are directed by the energy of doing—known as yang in the Taoist tradition. To bring life into balance, we need to cultivate its opposite, yin, the energy of “allowing.” Now Kim Eng offers a powerful program of conscious movement to help us balance these forces and accept each moment just as it is. Join her on Presence Through Movement: Yin Yoga to learn postures and practices that take you into this state of presence.
Author: Eyo, read more

24-12-2012, 15:14, Section: Music    
Beach Club Del Mar Vol 4 (2012)
VA - Beach Club Del Mar Vol 4 - 2012
House | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 487 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

4-12-2012, 08:41, Section: Music    
Nachtschicht Vol 47 (2012)
VA - Nachtschicht Vol 47 - 2012
Dance/Pop | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 339 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

30-10-2012, 06:56, Section: Music    
Rap Rnb 2013 [2CD] (2012)
VA - Rap Rnb 2013 - 2012
Rap | MP3 | 160 Kbps | 256 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

15-10-2012, 12:04, Section: Music    
Disco Sensation (2012)
VA - Disco Sensation - 2012
Disco/Funky House | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 221 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

2-09-2012, 09:36, Section: Music    
Beach House 80 Tracks (2012)
VA - Beach House 80 Tracks - 2012
House | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 1125 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

28-08-2012, 02:27, Section: Music    
101 Dance Hits (2012)
VA - 101 Dance Hits - 2012
House/Dance | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 1027 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

22-07-2012, 08:01, Section: Music    
Ibiza Top 100 [3CD] (2012)
VA - Ibiza Top 100 - 2012
Club/Electro/Progressive House | MP3 | 258 Kbps | 439 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

13-07-2012, 21:51, Section: Music    
Armada Lounge Vol 5 (2012)
VA - Armada Lounge Vol 5 - 2012
Lounge | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 360 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

2-07-2012, 21:52, Section: Music    
Hed Kandi Ibiza 10 Years (2012)
VA - Hed Kandi Ibiza 10 Years - 2012
Club/Funky House | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 1205 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

1-07-2012, 22:11, Section: Music    
MindController Club (2012)
VA - MindController Club - 2012
House/Dance | MP3 | 300 Kbps | 1202 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

19-05-2012, 08:17, Section: Games » Console Games    
Dragons Dogma XBOX360-iMARS

Dragons Dogma XBOX360-iMARS
22/05/12 | Platform: XBOX360 | Publisher/Developer: Capcom | Region: RF | 8.1Gb
Genre: Action

Description: Set in a huge open world, Dragon?s Dogma is a unique action experience that blends exciting and fulfilling combat with the freedom to explore and interact in a rich, living and breathing world. With your party of three you set out on an epic adventure to track down and destroy a mysterious dragon. Along the way you?ll encounter some of the biggest and baddest beasts ever to roam the land, and only skilful play and tactical teamwork can save the day. Dragon?s Dogma introduces an innovative team system to the genre. The player?s three AI partners, known as ?Pawns? fight independently, demonstrating prowess and ability they have developed based on traits learned over time from the player and their actions. Utilizing Xbox LIVE, players will journey to the Rift where they can share their own Pawns with friends and be rewarded with treasure, knowledge of the world and strategies for taking down enemies. Conversely, players can borrow friends? Pawns with the specific skills or experience required to tackle a particular quest. In addition, Dragon?s Dogma will ship with thousands of ready-made Pawns for players to select offline.
Author: aloha903, read more

12-05-2012, 04:20, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Atmel Studio 6.0 Build 1843

Atmel Studio 6.0 Build 1843 | 1.24 GB

Atmel Studio 6 is the integrated development environment (IDE) for developing and debugging Atmel ARM? Cortex?-M and Atmel AVR? microcontroller (MCU) based applications. The Atmel Studio 6 IDE gives you a seamless and easy-to-use environment to write, build and debug your applications written in C/C++ or assembly code.
Author: aloha903, read more

2-05-2012, 13:00, Section: Music    
DJ Charts Austria Vol 9 (2012)
VA - DJ Charts Austria Vol 9 - 2012
Dance | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 327 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

28-04-2012, 02:00, Section: Music    
Miss Disco 2012 (2012)
VA - Miss Disco 2012
Club/Disco House | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 300 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

19-04-2012, 09:19, Section: Music    
Chillout Fantasies 4 (2012)
VA - Chillout Fantasies 4 - 2012
Chill Out | MP3 | 257 Kbps | 134 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

16-04-2012, 04:01, Section: Music    
Twogether: Dancefloor (2011)
VA - Twogether: Dancefloor - 2011
Dance/House | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 267 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

18-03-2012, 09:05, Section: Music    
Fashion Victim 2012 (2012)
VA - Fashion Victim 2012
Funky House | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 200 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

16-03-2012, 20:39, Section: Games    
Defenders of Ardania-KaOs

Defenders of Ardania-KaOs
15-03-2012 | PC Game | MULTi | 368.8MB
Genre: Strategy

DoA's innovative new game concepts include light RTS elements, taking the popular genre to the next level. Players must oversee unit production and upgrades while assembling the most effective army from one of three playable races, each with unique locations, towers, and units. However, without magic, a fantasy game is little more than a toothless lion (or dragon, rather), so a wide range of spells will be available for players to decimate their enemies and protect their forces

Although DoA includes a single-player portion, the focus of the game is undoubtedly multiplayer, where two to four players can take each other on or compete against AI opponents via Internet, LAN, or PSN The multiplayer component offers three different game modes where players can assume either the defensive or offensive sides - or both!
Author: aloha903, read more

16-03-2012, 11:45, Section: Games    
Defenders of Ardania-SKIDROW

Defenders of Ardania-SKIDROW
03-2012 | PC Game | Publisher: Paradox Interactive | Protection: Steam | Developer: Most Wanted Entertainment (MWE) | 1.04GB
Genre: Strategy

Defenders of Ardania (DoA) is a next-generation tower defense game set in the rich fantasy world of Majesty, but with a twist. Besides the addictive core mechanics of placing towers to stop advancing enemy units, DoA also allows players to take on the role of the attackers seeking to conquer the enemy base
Author: aloha903, read more

12-03-2012, 23:49, Section: Games    

PC Game | Publisher: Electronic Arts | PROTECTION: EA/Crap | 6.8GB
Genre: Sports

Winner of 20 "Best Sports Game of E3" awards, including the prestigious E3 Game Critics award, FIFA 12 brings to the pitch the game-changing new Player Impact Engine, a physics engine built to deliver real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch. Experience the way real-world footballers challenge each other for the ball, win possession, and test each other physically. Enjoy an infinite variety of natural and believable outcomes in every collision. Players feel more resilient, push and pull during the fight for possession, and recover from light challenges more easily
Author: aloha903, read more

10-03-2012, 18:58, Section: Games » Console Games    
Fifa Street XBOX360-SPARE

Fifa Street XBOX360-SPARE | 7.3GB
Platform: XBOX360 | Format: XGD2 | Region: Region Free | Size: 1DVD | Language: English
Genre: Sports, Football

An authentic street soccer game that replicate the way the game is played by street players all over the world, this reinvention of the FIFA Street series is inspired by street soccer styles and stars from around the world. Powered by the revolutionary FIFA Soccer gameplay engine, and introducing Street Ball Control, FIFA Street will deliver an arsenal of ground breaking street dribbling styles and trick moves that ignite the one on one battles within matches. Whether performing one panna after another without breaking a sweat the way street soccer is played in Amsterdam, or a physical, fight for possession style the way players compete in London, fans will enjoy a superior fidelity of ball control and responsiveness thananything ever experienced in a soccer videogame. Plus, for the first time ever, utilize aerial skills to maneuver past opponents, an all new sophisticated one touch passing system for quick, precision passes, and over 50 never before experienced skill moves.
Author: aloha903, read more

8-03-2012, 06:03, Section: Music    
Ibiza Chill Session 2011 (2011)
VA - Ibiza Chill Session 2011
Chill Out | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 272 mb
Author: sam1425, read more

24-02-2012, 20:59, Section: Games    
Syndicate (PC/2012)-3DM

Syndicate (PC/2012)-3DM | 6.02GB
Developer: Starbreeze AB | Publisher: EA | Platform: PC / Windows | Protection: EA Core,Securom
Cracked By: 3DM | Game language: English | Genre: Action-FPS Shooter

No longer governed by politicians, the developed world is divided up into regions controlled
by mega-corporations known as syndicates. These syndicates have revolutionized how the consumer
interacts with the digital world. Since the consumer requires a device to access the world's data
and control technology, they can do this in the blink of an eye via neural chip implant.
Civilians flocked to be "Chip'd" and enjoy all that their selected syndicate has to offer: housing,
medical, banking, insurance, education, entertainment and jobs. One complete package. One complete
lifestyle. In return, the syndicates gained unprecedented insights, and control, over the individual
and their behavior. With little government oversight, business has become war.
The syndicates will stop at nothing for ultimate market dominance.
Author: aloha903, read more

24-02-2012, 00:13, Section: Games » Console Games    
 Syndicate XBOX360-COMPLEX

Syndicate XBOX360-COMPLEX | 8.14GB
Platform: XBOX360 | Format: XGD3 | Region: Region Free | Language: English
Size: 1DVD | Genre: FPS

Take on the role of Miles Kilo, Eurocorp's latest prototype agent, and embark on a brutal action adventure
of corruption and revenge. Syndicate takes players into a dark, Machiavellian world run without government
oversight with many syndicates vying for total dominance of their local market place. With no one to
question their intentions or actions, three mega corporations, Eurocorp, Cayman Global, and Aspari, are at
the forefront of this brutal war for control of the pivotal American market.
Author: aloha903, read more

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